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  1. I've enjoyed a good hour of the demo so far. I'm so glad that we get to start the adventure again over a month early! I know we can't play the 2D mode until the actual release, but watching others play it online I noticed that the 2D mode has a classic soundtrack you can listen to. Does anyone know where we can get mp3s of that? I'm just getting super excited to go through it as a modern classic-looking game!
  2. Best description I’ve read that explains how I feel. That unknown of random encounters is a feeling I absolutely love and love to hate about my favorite games. Couldn’t they have easily implemented an option to toggle on and off the visible enemies? That would have made this game appeal to the new AND the old DQ gamers. I would toggle those enemies off ASAP so I can enjoy the landscapes and be on the edge of my seat more.
  3. Thanks for mentioning the shirt. I totally want to buy one of those too! You mean the one where they’re walking in a line like the old Fellowship of the Ring artwork, right? I also have been contemplating buying the Japanese strategy guide. There hasn’t been any word of an English guide and I love following along and looking at the items and enemies. Anyone have the Japanese guide with the blue cover? I’d love to know if it’s worth the $40.
  4. Thank you! Oh man. Guess I’ve got a few already. So glad I don’t have to back track everywhere now. I never would have realized that.
  5. So, evidently, when you obtain sigils, they don’t show up in your inventory. This is why I thought I should be getting it still. Chances are, I’ve already obtained this one, I guess. Unfortunately, I don’t know how many I have attained. After obtaining another one, it did not show up in my inventory. Hopefully, I’ve only got two now. On to the rest of the locations I guess.
  6. Yeah, I’ve thought about it. However, I don’t own a 3DS. Sure, it’d be great to get one and IV-IX. Then I’d have to get a Japanese 3DS to play XI, right? I might do all of that in a few years. I just can’t justify the purchases atm. Having our first child has made me cut down on a lot of the extra spending! But maybe I’ll get 2 3DSs when he’s old enough. Haha
  7. I have made it to the part where I need to find the five sigils. Walkthroughs mention going to Tantegal castle and speaking with the king above the armory, which I’ve done. When I speak to him he talks back a couple times, but doesn’t give me the Soul Sigil. Do they have to be obtained in a specific order? Should I get the others and come back? Or did I miss something? I’ve already visited the flame blocking my way, so I feel like the sigils are my next step. Thanks for any help you can offer!
  8. I absolutely love I-VI and VIII on mobile. It's terrible we haven't gotten VII yet. If we don't see it by the time XI releases, I'll probably just pick it up on the Japan App Store and watch a 3DS play through to figure the story out. Also, it is frustrating that the DS version isn't making it over to the West. I really wish we could at least get that 2D version on mobile. Or the full DS package. Stranger things have happened... like FFXV Pocket Edition! I dreamed we'd get a mobile version of XV, and then we did! So, I will dare to dream again. ;) ALSO, Square-Enix have already updated I-III on mobile to fill the iPhone X screen. So, thankfully, they seem to be committed to keeping the series alive on mobile.
  9. Thanks! I'm definitely looking forward to the iOS/Android DQ III soundtrack if you're still planning on doing it. I can't seem to find it anywhere online!
  10. Man, thanks for checking! I was finally able to bring the tracks into an audio editing program, and sure enough, they play fine. Not sure why my preview/QT/iTunes won't play them properly. So sorry if I caused too much hassle. I've just never had that happen with any of the downloads before. Guess I'll open them in Audition and expert them out again. Appreciate the help, though! EDIT: OH! I just realized the tracks have a sample rate of 32K instead of 44.1 or 48. I wonder if that is causing my problem. I just tested exporting an edited version (where I changed the sample to 44.1K) and it plays fine for me.
  11. I just listened to them on my end and they sound fine to me Thanks for checking! Did you download the zip file of all the songs by any chance? That's the file I was referring to. And I think it's the same one linked on MEGA as well. I'll download the zip file and try it again. Maybe it didn't uncompress well on my end. I'll let you know when it's done. I just tried the zip file of all songs again, and it still sounds jumbled, like the song is playing but it also sounds like it's skipping ahead. I tried downloading an individual song, as well as opening it in iTunes, and they all sound messed up. Here's a link to the zip file: https://we.tl/YMkU3OkjY8 Here's a link to one song: https://we.tl/VXLMdddIP8 Anyone else hear the skipping? Almost sounds like I'm scrubbing through it in an editing application.
  12. I just listened to them on my end and they sound fine to me Thanks for checking! Did you download the zip file of all the songs by any chance? That's the file I was referring to. And I think it's the same one linked on MEGA as well. I'll download the zip file and try it again. Maybe it didn't uncompress well on my end. I'll let you know when it's done.
  13. In the excitement leading up to DQ VII's release, I downloaded the 3DS soundtrack. However, it sounds like there is something wrong with it. I downloaded it both from the Mega site as well as the zip file from http://www.woodus.com/den/music/mp3.php?desc=dq73ds, but both seem to have the same files. Anyone else have a problem playing those tracks back? Maybe just a bad upload?
  14. Well, maybe the easiest fix, instead of taking the portrait ports they have and create a larger visible area and/or add to the artwork, they could just offer a zoomed in feature for all of the DQ titles. That way, anyone who wanted to rotate their device to landscape could enjoy that. Personally, though, I'd keep playing one-handed in portrait. That orientation is just more comfortable for me.
  15. I will have a look. Yes, we're seeking voice actors. Been prepping things so we can put up a Casting Call page on a few Voice Acting sites. The only role we've sealed is Daisy's who'll be voiced by an aspiring voice actress that is co-leader of this project. The rest are up for auditioning, once we place up our Casting Call. Why? You perchance know some actors, mh? Hey! Are you still looking for voice actors by any chance? I'm an actor/voice actor living and working in the Dallas/Fort Worth market currently. I'd love to contribute to this project. I've done some anime voice work with FUNimation, but not a ton. And during the day I produce videos/motion graphics and have a great little edit suite where I can easily record good quality VO. I've only recently discovered these DQ animes for myself, and would love to help in any capacity.
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