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  1. I wish DQXI had some of the cool races DQX has. like red ogres or fish humanoids.
  2. I love the speech bubbles, so convenient. Shame the only things so far i've seen that you can rummage through are pots/barrels and drawers. There's a bunch of sacks hanging on walls but you cant search through them like in previous games.
  3. I wish Michi would convince someone at SE to bring over Dragon Quest of the stars! ;_;

  4. our own Denizen, Michi. Is the SE Dragon Quest community manager! :3

    1. Imutone


      I heard! It makes me incredibly happy that Michi is in charge!

  5. Can't decide. My PC isn't a toaster, but it isn't exactly good. I'm also worried about the quality of the PC port since SE doesn't exactly have a history of good PC ports. The plus side about a PC version is the possibility of mods (example something that replaces the midi with the Symphonic suite and etc.). Also I doubt PC will get the DQ 1-2-3 ports that the PS4 has.
  6. If its not too mush to ask, could somebody make a comparison of the JP menus vs the localized menus?
  7. Citra updated recently and this runs very well. I have a pretty mid-tier PC and its smooth so far.
  8. Still nothing on the @dragonquest twitter about the demo. I honest think they forgot about the account or lost the password.
  9. Don't look at the replies of those two tweets if you don't want a headache.
  10. Not a fan of the series being in the past. just give me TNG but in the gamma quadrant
  11. both the facebook and Twitter Dragon Quest page changed their profile picture today. Maybe that's a sign.
  12. I'd be nice if SE would translate the new dragon quest mobage to promote DQXI

  13. Its a little disheartening when the Dragon Quest twitter account tweets like E3 didn't happen or something.

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    2. ignasia


      ...you can thank us for giving it the old 1-2!"


      Gamers: "OMG, you're literally going to force another drought due to NO ONE, not even most FANS, knowing the game is going to be released."


      *facepalm level...above 9000*


      SE: *crickets*


      Gamers: "Are you at least going to mention DBZ and Toriyama?"


      SE: "Why would we do that?"

    3. gooieooie


      Yeah, I wasn't expecting it to show up at E3. It's not even out in Japan yet, so I doubted they'd show it yet. XI will come in time.

    4. Neofrodo


      This is the same company who delayed FF7r just due to stupid reasons like it HAS to be inhouse to be successful.


      Plus they refused to show anything at E3 and decided to wait for Expo 2017.


      And even then its probably some more KH3 footage and it'll be delayed 2 more years.



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