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  1. The biggest issue with the promotional stuff sent to Gamestop was the timing. Final fantasy Heavensward came out on June 23. The standee with DQ on the back came down directly after that. Thats almost a full 4 months before the game was released. They did include it on the repeat feed video that plays all day (I work there as a part time job and as of yesterday, it still plays on the video). It was added onto the PS4 kiosk as a playable demo which I made sure was repeating constantly during my shifts. The had one more item which was a square insert at the front door but it was only up for the first week the game was live. Same thing right now for DQVII. It is available for pre-order at my store yet we have nothing at all showing it or promoting it. It makes me wonder if they actually want it to fail over here by not pushing it just so that they can say it doesnt sell well here and keep it out of the states.
  2. Yes accessories stack. You will have to use that later on.
  3. It took me a while to find that poster. Its really cool too as in the material its made out of is more like tarp material instead of just poster paper. He has a pretty great collection! Thanks! I know its hard to tell what every single item in the pic is but I wanted to be sure to get everything in there that I could heh.
  4. Pics must be posted here, but you do need to post your photo to Twitter with the hashtag #BragYourDQSwag including both @DragonQuest and @DQDragonsDen. I posted here, I did the twitter thing but its not showing up on the DQ page, just my own page.
  5. Yeah, my whole crew is 99. And you are right. That first time, I didnt even hit him lol.
  6. All right, as of this morning, I got 100% platinum trophy. What a fantabulous game. 96 hours of awesome. Zoma was tough. I hated being that guy that had to put 3 bunny tails on each character to survive ... but wasnt sure there was any other way to do it after multiple attempts. When I finally got him done, Terry and Jessica were dead, I was out of Yggdrasil leaves and that just left Luceus and Aurora. Both of them got their tension bar maxed around the same time. Popped one, burned down the pink til the Coup then switched over and did the same thing.
  7. Im okay with copying what you wrote with a twist. Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate the release of Dragon Quest's VII and VIII on the 3DS! I can't wait to play them! I also want to thank you for Dragon Quest Heroes. A great game in its own right! - Soera (from the Dragon's Den)
  8. Nokturnus dead. Once I got Aurora and Terry to get a full tension bar, it was over. Now off to the final boss ... eventually. I have some ingredient farming to do apparently.
  9. I gave Nokturnus and Zoma a shot today. Holy @#%#@%. They are tough. I can get Nokturnus down about 25%. I honestly dont think I even got close enough to Zoma to hit him.
  10. Bjorn down. He actually wasnt that difficult when I decided to shoot the mawkeepers.
  11. I basically agree. Even though I have this game on the PS2 (and VII on the PS1) and have beaten them both, I am most definitely buying them again to support this.
  12. Well, enough of that one. I beat it. I thought Atlas was the last monster on my list but apparently Bjorn, Zoma, and Nokturnus are considered for the trophy. :\
  13. Well, I dont know if it helped or was just an ironic coincidence but I added Yangus to my party and within 30 minutes, got my final Puff-Puff. His is the most like the actual one too.
  14. Id prefer to see Slime as well. Its definitely more well known outside of the DQ world. Erdrick/Roto just appear to be general swordsmen.
  15. I dont think anyone is saying dont ask for more stuff. The general consensus is that we should pace ourselves on what we request. It tends to show a lack of gratitude. Plus right now is at a point where we probably dont need to ask for anything else personally. Its either past the window of we are getting it (too old of a system, etc) or its something we are probably going to get. The only 2 games I considered on the cusp was VII and VIII.
  16. I dont see this as a good time to poke the proverbial bear. We were just given a nice announcement, lets not spoil it by asking for more. I cant imagine they are going to go back and give us the first 4 games on this list (While I would love DQ X as MMOs are my favorite type of game, I have to be realistic). 5/6 are mobile games ... they are indeed up in the air. 7-10 I honestly can see us getting as well as Heroes II. Lets just sit back and relish in what has just happened.
  17. LOL thats the exact same method Ive been doing. Ive been able to drop the green dragon in like 6 seconds.
  18. So Ive been really trying to get the Puff-Puff trophy. Ive gotten 2 from every character so far (once you have gotten one from a character, if you talk to them again, they have the option to ask "Would you like a Puff-Puff?") and yet I cant seem to get one from Yangus. He is my only hold out.
  19. I was on the FF Explorers train since the day it was mentioned to be released in Japan and it was on my top 10 games to be brought over to the states. I was so excited when they announced it and now seeing the collector's edition on the Direct has brought a tear of happiness to my eye. I recall reading/hearing somewhere that every character on SSB will get an Amiibo. If thats the case, Cloud Amiibo = Yes Im not as hype about Twilight princess HD as others. Im kind of burned out on all the Zelda remakes. A mention of Bravely Second is all I need to feel happy. Chronicles X looks soo good. I bet its going to give Fallout 4 a run for the biggest and baddest game of the year. Hyrule Warriors 3DS is going to be fun too. Im anxiously awaiting a release date on that one.
  20. Good lord, all the pre-orders are already gone. I wish I had gotten one but at that price, its just too much for me.
  21. Go to dinner and come home to messages on Facebook asking how excited I am about the news ... had no idea. I called it yesterday on another forum though! Glad I was right. First heroes and now this. Im super excited.
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