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  1. Ive said this a lot on this forum. I-III have so many different playable options. If the DQ team is going to be working on something, I much rather it be something that I cant play so easily.
  2. Not sure how I havent seen this till now. It looks really cool. Going to sub this to keep up on it.
  3. I was reading the post that Square Enix did on Facebook about how they are going to release DQ Builders here and I noticed that about half of the responses are people $#!&@ing about the games that havent come over yet. Its pretty sad to see this. What is the point of complaining ? All its going to do is make SE think Americans are a bunch of whiny gamers and eventually decide to quit localizing the games again. If you dont care about "Dragon Quest Minecraft", dont buy it. Just dont ruin the future upcoming games by complaining.
  4. Ready to see the pre-order DQ Builders and get a badge thread!
  5. I have not. I moved onto Valkyria Chronicles and Saturday morning RPG.
  6. I just finished the game. Putting a lot of time into the leveling of the jobs and all, it took me 135 hours. Was not a bad moment for me from start to finish.
  7. All the stuff people posted before me and I get flack? I dont have an option to use the spoiler tag cause of my browser but its fine, I wont post on here anymore.
  8. I wish I hadn't done this in the beginning. I missed out on one of the most important jobs. :\
  9. OMG so much hype! That video had me all antsy. I really can not wait for localization.
  10. I dont expect Psaro to return only cause of his involvement in the first one. Glad to see Torneko in there. I wouldnt imagine they would leave Yangus out and only include Jessica.
  11. What I did was load up the fight where you can find the metal king slimes. As soon as you land in, run to the little jail area to the right. There is 3 or 4 cells and they can spawn chests.
  12. Hah you did! I actually expected you to beat me. Your collection is ridiculously impressive.
  13. The thing I want to see the most return is US releases.
  14. It is a blanket, yes. I had it made thanks to the help of mjhopkins81.
  15. I havent posted in a while. I feel your pain on Legend of Legacy. Its the game I took with me on vacation and by the time I got home, I was so frustrated with it, I havent turned it back on since. Oh well, FF Explorers comes out in a month. And I just reloaded Witcher III back on my PS4. Someone tossed me a code for the expansion so I figured it was time to jump back into it.
  16. DQ VIII is #1 ... well, #2 behind DQ Heroes.
  17. http://mynintendonews.com/2015/12/21/new-dragon-quest-game-to-be-announced-on-december-23rd/
  18. Can we change the title of this thread to mention something about hopeful or something similar? I was all excited for a minute.
  19. I am beyond hype. This is fantastic! I can not wait.
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