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  1. I doubt I will ever beat the time challenges. My current progress : Saved 3 people in chapter 3. Town just got level 2.
  2. I finished chapter 2 last night. I planted my banner in chapter 3 before I had to go to bed so I could wake up for work .
  3. I am trying the final fight in Chapter 2. It sucks. I need to rethink my strategy somehow without compromising the integrity of my beautiful town!
  4. In no particular order : Bravely Second World of Final fantasy Dragon quest Builders I have not gotten around to DQ VII on my 3DS yet although my 10 year old daughter has been playing it.
  5. Im in chapter 2 now. Im looking for a spot to fish for a cod but am so far unsuccessful and quest-wise, dont think I can move on til I find it. I have the guide and access to all sorts of walkthroughs but Ive done everything so far without it, I dont want to break down and "cheat".
  6. I started playing this last night ... needless to say, I was up til almost 6 am. I am totally shocked how easy it is to get into this game and enjoy it. I despise minecraft and was somewhat worried it would feel like it. After talking to my stepson who has been playing, he said its nothing like it and mounds better. He was right. Last night was so enjoyable.
  7. PS4 is without a doubt worth owning. Not just for DQ either.
  8. You guys are both near me! We should have a DQ meet up.
  9. http://playstationcollecting.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=69&threadid=169069
  10. I do Black Friday every year. Since Im working on a full PS4 collection, the money I save on games on this one stupid occasion makes it worth it for me. I also use the time to pick up cheap skylanders that Im missing.
  11. I think we should pick and choose our battles. Until we have a US release date for XI and DQHeroes II, thats where our focus should be.
  12. I really want to make it over there sometime. Ive been fantasizing about seeing Luida's bar.
  13. I want one of those slime tower cups. Cant seem to find any for sale anywhere.
  14. I personally am really looking forward to this. I dont pay that much attention to in game music so the switch doesnt affect me. I dont think Im going to be a huge fan of the monsters visible on the map but it will remain to be seen. 2 months to go!
  15. You have chosen wisely. That was my favorite class from Default. Along with Red mage, its my favorite class too.
  16. Soera

    Dragon Quest +

    Been watching this for a while. Still looks good.
  17. Pretty much. This fits me as well. I prefer a game to an in-game option.
  18. I was going to say the same but Builders is also scheduled near that. DQ VII will definitely last me a month in time for Builders. Once Builders is done, I will crack open FF XV.
  19. DQHeroes II, DQ XI and Ys VIII localization is all I care to see to finish off my upcoming gaming future.
  20. Do you sell any of these? I would love a Zenithian sword and shield combo hanging on my DQ wall.
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