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  1. Im trying. If I stop now, I probably wouldnt return any time soon. Too many other games out there.
  2. Yeah Im working on plat trophy now. I knocked out quite a few of the both item dropped lists and medallion lists last night. That wanted list is going to kill me though. And is there anyone who can confirm the rumor on the puff puff trigger that says you must have played the character and done at least 15 coup de grace of theirs before you can get it? I do know that so far the only puff puffs I have received have been from my normal party members and Healix so it makes me wonder if its legit.
  3. Can I use this pic for both this thread and the purchase DQH 2 thread?
  4. So just for my own curiosity, I typed in "DQ XI English release date" in my search window and hit enter. An article popped up and at the bottom it said : Dragon Quest XI launches on July 29 for PlayStation 4 and 3DS in Japan, and sometime later on Switch. We still don’t have an English release date as of yet, although the game is confirmed to be coming West. I dont recall actually having seen a confirmation.
  5. I'm going to agree with this. Gameinformer did a full preview on it, which was quite encouraging. I came here to mention this. Ive never really known GameInformer to do a story on a game that wasnt coming. Im sure its possible (whether it gets canceled or whatever afterwards) but it would just be odd for them to do a story/review on a game that will never be available at their own stores to sell.
  6. Anyone had any reliable luck getting puff-puff? It wasnt too bad in one (other than Yangus for me). In this one, Ive gotten a grand total of 2. Desdemona and Healix (both on the first time talking to them trying to get it). Also the trophy list in this game is much more time consuming than the first one. Im 60 hours in and no where close to it. Probably not even half the trophies yet.
  7. Well, as of now, I have 4 dungeon maps available. 3 of them Ive finished. One of them is a nightmare. My party consists of the main character as a gladiator level 39, Desdemona/Maya/Jessica all level 47.
  8. Every time I see Paper Mario on any RPG list, I frown. Especially when it ranked so much higher than the real Mario RPG. DQ VIII > VII > V. Chrono Trigger is a great game but not a #1 of all time game. Ni no Kuni should have been in the top 10 if not #1. Ys Book I & II all the way down at 87 is insulting. Everquest at 100 is a joke when WoW is at 5. Deus Ex on any RPG list at all is weird. Earthbound is actually the most overrated RPG of all time. There are a few things I did agree with. Morrowind higher on the list than Skyrim is a win. Morrowind is the absolute Elder Scrolls game. Im glad to see Ultima IV on there. Its definitely worthy. Final fantasy VI is a good game. It, along with VII, deserves the praise it gets.
  9. Really enjoying the game so far. I have all the available characters so my party line up is Teresa, Desdemona, Maya, and Jessica (I love girl groups). Finally started to experiment with the vocation changes and so far thief is fun! Me either. Bianca in the first game was so much more usable as an archer than Angelo.
  10. Anyone figure out how to get more maps? I want to try some more solo maps.
  11. Thanks for posting this. When you look at them, they look fully upgraded.
  12. You can indeed change the language to English. I use the DQ Heroes one AFAIK they havent been made available yet. Ive been looking since they were announced.
  13. I tried to pre-order this at Gamestop a little while back. It was listed as a green title game (meaning it was already released) ... now its no longer on their site either.
  14. Im curious about that myself! I still have both games loaded on my ps4.
  15. Well, today was the last day of the Menchies promotion. I had spoken with the owner of the one nearest to me a while back and she told me to come up there today to pick up all of the stuff she has. I got 2 window clings (one of the builder, one of Rollo/Pippa), a poster, 3 of the little fold up table tents, a small counter piece, all 4 of the "XXXXX's favorite" signs, and 13 of the pin on buttons.
  16. Im sad to see this. Gofundme should not be for toys to stream $#!& online.
  17. That is an awesome shirt. If you do indeed to sell these, I would most certainly take one!
  18. Id take a set of blue slime ones for my new Mini Cooper! I actually am considering having a graphic skin put on it to make it look like a real slime.
  19. So I just beat the game. Final fight was ... frustrating at first but in the end, I prevailed! I loved this game. It definitely was more than "Minecraft meets Dragon quest".
  20. Beat chapter 3 tonight. Probably my favorite final town so far.
  21. This was taken at the very end of chapter 3. I just finished the chapter tonight and going to start the morning breaking into chapter 4. Im excite!
  22. It took me all of 6-7 tries. Wasnt too long at all.
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