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  1. Im really hoping this happens. Hopefully this will sell well here and give more reason to localize DQX.
  2. The design is so simple it would seem like anyone could do it with some well placed dyes.
  3. I have had a bald spot on the top of my head since 7th grade (its not getting bigger, its just not going away. Im pretty sure its from a very young childhood accident cause it has minor scar markings). It used to drive me crazy. I decided to just shave my head 2-3 years ago and been doing it ever since. It masks the spot pretty well. All those hair regrowth products are just a waste of time and once you start using them, you simply can not stop or the hair will fall back out and make it even worse. Could try one of those centers and have them do a scalp scan but its thousands of dollars to do and honestly, bald is easier. No shampoo or hair products or brushes needed again. Its just annoying to have to shave your head weekly.
  4. I was about to post this ... I was again too slow.
  5. A bit of a change of the actual topic ... but Im looking for someone to translate the manual http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqm3gba/manual.php into English. If someone is willing/able, let me know!
  6. Subscription fees for most MMOs are normally cheaper than anything else. I played EQ for 11 years and it was never more than $20 a month. Towards the end it was only $10 a month. The cost of one happy meal from McDumpsters. Its cheaper than a case of beer and definitely something Id rather spend my money on. I am just sad that so far it hasnt been announced here. I really miss the MMO scene and would like to rejoin it on DQX.
  7. I think a lot of people are rejecting the DQX idea atm cause its not here. The only people who can enjoy DQX right now are the ones that can read Japanese and (for the most part) the people on these forums can not read it. If/when the game gets a NA release, I guarantee a lot of the opinion of it will change.
  8. Anything been mentioned about just how much is going to be playable offline? I wasted a dozen years of my life playing EQ/DDO ... I am not interested in any sort of MMO ever again. I want to see this game but if its only a few minutes of offline play, I may not be persuaded to buy it.
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