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  1. This is exactly why I hate being a DQ fan sometimes. Cause the majority of the community is a bunch of entitled complainers. The PS4 owners got the game a year before the Switch owners. That has to count for something. And whats being added to the Switch version that really matters? 16 bit graphics? Some Japanese V/Os that no one is going to understand? A couple of songs/BGM that is a bit more orchestrated ? Who really cares? Its just going to end up making Square Enix angry to hear all these whiners and end up cutting off DQ games from translations for upcoming titles.
  2. I considered it ... but I have a higher priority item I want to buy at that cost. So ... I'm out.
  3. Never ever ever digital only. If they release anything, it needs to be put on physical format. Digital only means it will eventually go away.
  4. While the thought of an offline version of an MMO is cool, most MMOs dont really have much of a story and Im assuming DQX is the same. What exactly could there be in an offline version if its not totally redone? I would much prefer the MMO form myself as I love the genre and am itching to get back into another one.
  5. Id like one too! They are nice looking
  6. I just beat the game myself. Will get a pic in the morning!~
  7. I dont think its going to be quite that long. Heroes 1 was '15, builders was '16, Heroes 2 was '17, XI was '18. Im expecting to see Heroes 3 some time next year.
  8. I loved em both but Im going to go against the crowd here and say that I liked 1 a bit more. First off Aurora. Secondly, the trophy list/hunt was more achievable.
  9. The only games I have any interest still on the PS3 is Ni no Kuni, Kingdoms of Amalur, and 3D dot heroes. After that, I have no interest in my 3.
  10. Ive been a PlayStation fan since day one of the PS1. But the PS4 drew me in more than any other console ever. Greatest console ever no question.
  11. I catalogue everything. This is my thread on Playstation Age : http://playstationage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=99&threadid=173107 I also am working on keeping this updated too : http://playstationage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=98&threadid=174578
  12. I have ever release from them since they started doing PS4 with Saturday morning RPG. I keep my collection on VGCollect. Check it out : https://vgcollect.com/Soera
  13. I collect PS4 in general. Im over 800 titles, over 30 controllers about about to hit 20 consoles. My daughter plays the Just Dance games and I guess she didnt return it to the right spot, lol.
  14. Mine has been at UPS hub since Friday. They would not let me pick it up and wont deliver it till Wednesday. How unfair.
  15. Thanks! Sadly I woke up to UPS confirming that Im not going to get DQXI til Wednesday.
  16. I dont know about most people but I can not see me possibly speeding through this game. The wait for it has been long. I plan to explore every single option available. So, just between the two options, Id pick the second.
  17. I hope this is a sign for the third game. Its the one thing (other than a unique DQ game) that would get me to pick up a Switch sooner than later.
  18. My daughter was also born on a game release day although not one as cool as DQ XI. It was Final fantasy XII but I kept and saved the giant cardboard standee from the game with her actual birthdate on it.
  19. Id be interested in seeing what Dr Strange related stuff you have!
  20. My kid's mother would have been furious. Mr Jones is her favorite song of all time. She did go see them last August and they did play it then. Cant imagine what would make them play a show without their *by far* most popular song.
  21. Glad to see you enjoying this game. I put a good 100 hours into it and thoroughly had a great time for all of it!
  22. Soera

    Ys VIII

    The story mode is about 60-65 hours Id say. I didnt want it to end so I started going for the plat trophy. 2 to go!
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