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  1. I believe he's Neutral Good by the end of DQVI, sure he's a lone wolf, but i won't call him "neutral" since he helps people and tends to do good actions, he has never done anything evil at all.
  2. I personally believe she's Chaotic Good, sure she helps others out, but she usually (not always) does it for herself, also she's very self-centred and selfish and puts other in danger because of her beliefs.
  3. A mild smile apparears in my face every time i read "DQHTWTWATBB"

    1. Democrobot


      DQH: The One With the Really Long Subtitle

  4. it's a known fact that jessica/angelo join when you're like at 22h in the game and Alena/Kiryl near the end. Why so late trough?
  5. This is what I meant. Infinite worlds theory and such. Furthermore if we really want to go down this rabbit hole, its not like Dragon Quest hasn't already had multiple versions of the same characters... DQV Hero exists in a timeloop, Terry has an edgy as heck tragic version of himself he beat while commanding monsters as a kid, Terry also has no memory of being this monstery commanding guy, Kiefer also kind of did the role monster adventure but conveniently forgets about it... Ramia specifically brings up dimensional disturbances in DQH1, rather than merely saying worlds. Its a game made
  6. Pretty bored tbh

    1. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      I am never bored...I don't understand the concept. So much to do in life, so much to be excited for or against.


      I say this, list the things you normally do. Then do something NOT on that list.

  7. Is the PS4 worth it for Dragon Quest, Tales of, FF12 and Ratchet? i honestly dont like the boring m rated games ps4 has

  8. What do you mean by a "different terry or a different jessica?" if im not mistaken there's only one of them, unless im missing something? Do you mean there's diferent versions of the DQ8 world? , I'm also curious why the lack of DQ2 and DQ5 representation, i can understand why there isnt 3,9 or 10 reps, but those 2 have "pre-made" party members. I hope we get a Parry/Sancho pair-up next game (however Parry/Madchen seems more likely).
  9. I mean, the characters doesnt seem aware that they did world-travel in heroes 2. It is ever explained why they dont remember anything?
  10. I think we're getting all the party members playable at some point in DQHeroes (yes even Tuppence and Amos). I wonder if they'll put Moonbroke or Cannock in 3 (i doubt they'll put both,trough)

    1. Democrobot


      I'm still hoping for Debora in Heroes 3.

    2. Toonadri


      I'm more worried about the DQII duo, SE likes to forget they exist.

    3. gooieooie


      I can live without Cannock.


      ...Usually, the same can't be said for him.

  11. I'm worried that Dragon Quest Heroes III might not happen, i love that spin-off

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    2. Psaro


      Well the director did hint at Heroes 3, so its not completely out of the question. If it does happen I hope they knock it out of the park.

    3. Democrobot


      I'm confident it'll happen. With XI out in Japan and coming soon worldwide, DQH3 is the perfect opportunity to showcase some of the characters and build up even more hype for the series. Not to mention the success they've had with DQH1 and DQH2, releasing a third would be some easy guaranteed sales. I would suspect 2019 for a release

    4. Kakugo


      Well they built hype with the PC version so we can stick around not seeing any main game ported on Steam.

  12. I'm the only one that wants Debora in DQ heroes?

    1. hawkeye77o4


      She fits the bill in terms of the personality types they've been having in those games. Although not my favorite character, I think she'd fit in well.

    2. Democrobot


      Not at all! I've been wanting her in the series ever since Heroes was announced.

  13. 2 of Camus Skills; "Bushin" (The Alena divide attack) and that Earth Spell are from Dragon Quest Heroes. There's 2 or 3 weapons from DQXI that are from the Heroes games as well. This makes DQXI the first core game that introduces elements from the DQ spin-offs. I hope we keep getting elements from the Heroes games and the other spin-offs. The monster series has a $#!& ton of original monsters and skills that could be used in the main series. I dont think Builders has much of it going on, trough.
  14. Seeing how DQ11 is incorporathing stuff from the "Dragon Quest Heroes series" i wonder if they'll take stuff from the other spin-off? Not only monsters from the monster series, maybe even skills or items from this series.. Would you like too see more stuff from the spin-offs in the main series?
  15. I don't really care about the hero in any of the games tbh, he's just there for me. He's a pretty uninteresting party member, heck even the DQ2 party or Nevan was more interesting than the heroes. DQ8 hero has the best desing, trough i like him. I'd like if in DQ12 they spice things up and allow the hero to talk, so not only the party members talk. Heroes did it, it worked just fine. Seeing how story-driven DQ11 is compared to the rest to the series, i think DQ12 might have the first voiced hero in the series. I'd like to see another 8 party in 12 , trough it worked pre
  16. I'm playing FF13 for the first time... Jesus it's terrible! FF12 is pretty good, trough

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    2. Emptilion


      Yeah, I was kind of having fun with FF13 at first, but then the characters didn't grow on me, and I was having less fun as the game went on. It is the only numbered final fantasy game I just straight up don't like.

    3. The Dog of Zahan

      The Dog of Zahan

      Tiael, think I should give XIII-2 another shot, and try LR? 'cause I wasn't sure I liked where teh stories were going...

    4. KibaTheBarbarian


      Lightning Returns was way better

  17. Do you like FF12?

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit




      I have TiTS to play with (as does Platty so feel free to follow along with our adventures in the topic he made) so enjoy dealing with the virus or whatever.

    3. Plattym3


      *eye roll*


      Did NOT enjoy FFXII. Reference every few posts I make here and what Yangus said.

    4. Soera


      I did not enjoy it either. I wanted to but I simply do not like the weird fight mechanic.

  18. Im going to confess; I play RPGs for the party members,the feel of the adventure, the progresion of the party and the gameplay. Couldn't care less about the story (it's just a bonuns to me) or NPCs that oly show up in 1 hour of the game.

  19. Ditto! Cristo!? But... but... but... but... Nah, just Ashe. (Bacsh is pretty bad character as well, but at least it makes my annoying sister entretainted) Prince of Canoock? Until he is in a Dragon Quest Heroes game im not going to juddge him, since we dont know that much about the DQ2 party. Kiryl is okay, i guess i like him.
  20. I like Ashlynn, sure she dies, but she has a nice personalty. The only videogame characters i hate is Ashe from FF12, jesus she irritates me!
  21. Dragon Quest X? Where i can find a monster list of DQX? i didnt know it brought back a tons of monsters. Eitherway, 11 is doing a great job, 8 and 9 however, most of the monsters where used in a lot of games.
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