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  1. I'm playing FF13 for the first time... Jesus it's terrible! FF12 is pretty good, trough

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    2. Fates


      I love FF13. I disliked how linear it was, but had a blast with the battle system. And Fang, Vanille and Sazh. Cool people.

    3. The Dog of Zahan

      The Dog of Zahan

      While the battle system is minimalist, and lacks weight behind the strikes, and the Eidolon fights are hot garbage, I enjoyed the cast and story of FFXIII (the first one anyway, ignore XIII-2 and LRFFXIII)

    4. Tiael


      I found XIII-2 better than FFXIII gameplay wise, though LR has one if my favorite battle systems in the series, don't ignore them.


      I did enjoy them, just not my favorite games in the series.

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