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  1. Do you like FF12?

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    2. Tiael


      Platty, did you kill Yangus and steal his account?

    3. ignasia


      I think Yangus being platty's forum twin, has been infested with the Platimus-Minimus Virus.


      It's...too late. It looks like Yangus will fade soon, and in its place will be Plattym3.1

    4. ignasia


      Just like when Microsoft released Windows 3.1, this version of Platty will be plagued with BSOD's from common problems such as moving the mouse, or failing to mention Persona, Rune Factory, or Dark Cloud in a post about non-DQ games. Soon even mention of Etrian Odyssey will cause a random restart as his addled brain wraps around Atlus' ever slowing international release schedule of non-persona games.

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