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  1. Minor correction of something I said earlier: Eric (Olivia's boyfriend) is Errol on NES, not Eric. Sorry. Also, Gupta is Galen on NES. (And NES Garin is Galen on mobile! Confusing @_@)
  2. No one has done that yet (as far as I know), and I personally would love it if you did! Anything you are able to dump from those games would be great. We are unable to find the monster sprites from DQ2 or DQ3 yet as well, if you happen across them while digging. Ok then, has anyone successfully used an android emulator to play DQ3 Android? (preferably using AVD in the official SDK) I'm getting "App not installed" atm. It works on BlueStacks. Also, there was another user who was using some sort of emulated device... I don't know the details of that though. That was me, I had no problem at all getting it to run in Genymotion. Note that I've only tested it with a legitimate copy downloaded from the Play Store, so I know nothing about/can't help with any other methods than that.
  3. Good luck! Just finished, myself. So much fun playing this again.
  4. Almost went the entire game without turning off AI except for when my Warrior was solo in the blue orb trial. Had to turn it off on what turned out to be the last turn of the Zoma fight because AI wouldn't use Prayer Rings in inventory.
  5. Shimmering Dress replaces the mimic that was mixed in with the Sage's Stone/etc. chests.
  6. Kol Well absolutely has a mini medal. Huh. Where is it? I walked all over the place and couldn't find it, assumed it disappeared when they made it not have a pachisi entrance. Also, wasn't even trying for this.
  7. Okay, with the exception of Hauksness the DW1 localizations of all the DW1 towns are retained (Tantegel, Kol, Cantlin, Rimuldar). Hauksness is Damdara. Don't have the knowhow to check on that for Ortega's Helm, unfortunately. Have noticed a few other mechanical changes from SFC and GBC though. bikinis no longer have a unique sprite for each class anymore and Zoom costs only 1 MP now. One more: Thor's Sword is Stormlord's Sword. Also, you get it in Rubiss' Tower now, where the Flame Boomerang used to be.
  8. All the ones I can offer I don't see in the OP: Towns Hauksness = Damdara Personalities I'm pretty sure Plugger is Diligent but I don't have any others not listed here. Characters Filling in the missing NES names here: Luisa/Ruida/Patty, Tania/Tania/Tanaya, Gupta/Gupta/Gopal Gupta, Yayoi/Yayoi/Yayoi, Eric/Eric/Eric. Items The Iron Axe is correctly analogous to the NES Battle Axe, there is another weapon later in the remakes called Battle Axe which has no NES analogue. Snowblast Sword/Snow Sword/Blizzard Blade NA/Ultimate Whip/Gringham Whip Sword of Kings/Kings Sword/Sword of Kings NA/Dragon Claw/Dragon Claws Sword of Destruction/Devil Sword/Sword of Ruin Armor of Hades/Devil Armor/Hate Mail Armor of Radiance/Light Armor/Auroral Armour NA/Sacred Bikini/Blessed Bikini Shield of Strength/Heal Shield/Power Shield Shield of Heroes/Hero Shield/Hero's Shield Oricon/Oricon/Orichalcum NA/Sucker/Dummy Stones of Sunlight/Sun Stone/Sunstone Sphere of Light/Light Orb/Sphere of Light Staff of Rain/Rain Staff/Staff of Rain Silver Harp/ShinyHarp/Lyre of Ire Monsters Darthbear/?/Ursa Mega Wyvern/?/Chimaera Magiwyvern/?/Hocus Chimaera Winged Demon/?/Flying Flayer Hydra/?/Hydra Troll King/?/Great Troll Goopi/?/Muddy Hand Vile Shadow/?/Umbra Ghoul/?/Ghoul Granite Titan/GrndTitan/Stone Guardian I think that covers all the ones I have?
  9. I'm in Alefgard myself, working on collecting all the key items to finish the game. (About to go do a big info dump in the translation thread!) - yes I did buy the game, it's just easier to play on the emulator than my small-screen device generally. Best $10 I've ever spent, probably. EDIT: Has anyone found any mini medals in places where they didn't exist in the original game? I'm reasonably convinced that the total medal count is now 100 rather than 110 (with all 9 pachisi medals gone, plus the Kol well medal is missing too).
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