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  1. You need to level vitality for increasing equip load. There are also rings you can get to increase it as well.
  2. My post was less about the SOTFS version and more about Dark Souls 2 in general (both versions have their own problems regardless). That coupled with the fact that you're coming straight from Bloodborne which is miles ahead of DaS2 in just about every aspect, especially in regards to movement and control lol.
  3. I wonder if this game will actually have more than 15 bucks put into its marketing when it comes to the west this time.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if the localization added in voice acting. Could totally see that happen for the PS4 version. As for the music, getting the soundtrack replaced depends largely on how early they decide to release a localization, and also how long it takes for a symphonic suite is made and released. Going by the dates listed on the RPGfan for the last three mainline titles, the symphonic suites for VIII and IX were released several months after the initial release of their respective games. For DQX, the symphonic suite was released only a couple of months after the release of ver. 1
  5. Yes. A good example would be the Switch version of Monster Hunter XX. It's able to receive saves from the MHX games on 3DS and cross-play with the 3DS version of MHXX.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0-W842C0EE Why is this theme so good?
  7. Monster Hunter, Souls, and Dragon Quest all on the same console. Somebody hold me.
  8. Understandable. I too can get a bit hot-headed myself when it comes to arguments. I realize I did come off on the wrong foot on a couples of points as well. While I stand by my position on story in games, I do think that DQ does have some of the most enjoyable ones I've ever had in JRPGs. The casts are fun, the stories don't take themselves too seriously, and when sh*t actually goes down it has impact. I think Horii does a good job of not letting story get in the way too much, which is my main gripe with a lot of other JRPGs. While I tend to look for more of an adventure of my own with a
  9. Doesn't Nocturne have a feature to switch to first person on a second playthrough? If and when they release another fully 3D game I can see them doing that again. Though I think the feature should be made available from the beginning.
  10. I really wish they would too. Maybe have them in the style of Nocturne, but that's probably pushing it lol. But yeah, I've been playing the SFC version of the game. For me it's not that bad once you get used to how everything is. Then again I tend not to have problems getting into aged RPGs. lol
  11. Why are you lying right here? Your topic asks if anyone else hopes they go back to a solo hero design, which implies that you think they should. ...No? lol I don't see how asking anyone if they feel similarly implies I think that it should go back to a solo design. The reason why I asked if anyone else hoped so was just to see if there was anybody that shared similar thoughts and to open up the discussion to others should they feel differently. It was nothing more than a topic opener to get others to share their thoughts. I realize there are people who would prefer party members n
  12. Just had a silly moment in SMT1 that I feel the need to share. Spoilers ahead for those interested and may want to play it. So, I'm at the part where you find Gotoh again (after the world is destroyed) and afterwards the Chaos Hero decides to fuse with a demon. In SMT, you can't fuse a human with another human, only with another demon. So I head to the Cathedral to fuse Chaos Hero and a demon, and after he scrolls through the list of demons I recruited (he randomly chooses) he picks the Gaian Suicide Squad member I had recruited earlier, and he's human. It was a bit awkward and silly t
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