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  1. I believe Cran edited the "Dragon's Den Team" pinned topic with the contents of this thread.
  2. Yeah, Tower was a bore for me too! Glad I got everything from it too lol Hope you get a town someday!
  3. First and foremost.. I want to thank all the newer players. You guys are really motivating for me. Seeing this team get bigger and bigger makes me feel better when I log on and see how active the team is becoming. Not going to get into what happened recently, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to motivate some of you to keep pressing on with DQX. This isn't really going to be a guide or a walkthrough.. more of a motivational speech from someone with several years of experience on the game and a lifelong fan of the franchise. I will refrain from spoiling any of the story going forward, hence why I can't really provide any emphasis on certain things later in the thread. Why am I making this thread? Simple. I want to get through to you newer players that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will be AS POWERFUL as MKVarana's battlemaster AI in the tavern or as durable as my AI priest someday! I've been there! I remember hating the game at first because I couldn't get through it without AI party members one-shotting every boss in V1 and V2. But believe me.. you will get there someday. Now, I know Ashes already has a more formal pinned thread similar to what you are about to read. This thread is not intended to be a beginners guide or anything like that. Please keep this in mind going forward. Don't give up. No matter how intimating the game gets, just don't give up! When I first started playing, I didn't realize how vast this game is and WAS even back in 2014. Whether it be making your way from offline mode (if you chose to do it) to the end of version 5.2, taking on clearing those TEDIOUS 5 episode job quests, fishing (yikes) upgrading your inventory bag quests (double yikes) world tuning quests (barf) Monster battle road or even *gulp* Mysterious Tower *GAGS*................. that's not even half of the stuff you can do..... just don't let it overwhelm you! Don't look at that stuff as chores. It's just stuff you need to do to build your character. I know what you might be thinking: "Remina. The main story just gives you exp and doesn't give you gear or much gold!" Doing the main story from A-Z is probably the most IMPORTANT thing you can do to get the max potential out of your character! One of the biggest advantages in DQX is unlocking every map in the game. That opens up all the side content. Don't ever forget that! That's all I will say on that matter. Here is another important thing. The language barrier. This is not a game breaker. Just use google translate on your smartphone. When you see an unfamiliar menu or can't quite figure out a quest.. just scan the screen on real time translate mode. It's that easy. It's not as good with reading dialogue, but static messages and generic text is easy to translate. I wouldn't recommend trying to talk with japanese players through this, though. OK, I know I said this was not supposed to be a guide, but the google translate part is essential to being able to really have fun playing. It kept me from quitting for good at one point. Don't let the 19 jobs you have to level up to 114 scare you off either, not to mention the 19 jobs that also require training mode stamps! Level grinding is not something you should worry about until around version 3ish. I'm sure most of you know about Metal Labyrinth or Metal King coins by now. But.... there is another way. Unfortunately... I don't feel comfortable going into detail as it will spoil the main story. Just know, that there is a normal monster you can grind that gives around 70k exp (with genki and food) and it is very easy to kill. It is a definite way to reach 114 in every job without losing your sanity. This is one thing that always worried me starting out. I was worried I would never be able to just fight one mob over and over to max out every job. Fear not, though. It is possible.. but very late in the game! GOLD. GOLD. GOLD!! This is a universal struggle in just about every MMO. There is a way to become rich, several actually. I'm not going to go into detail about that either, as they are spoilers to the story. Again, this isn't a guide. Just me assuring you that it isn't hopeless. Anyway, there are several free ways to get rich. Some are incredibly easy.. actually I'll just say this one. Farm glitter spots on the V5 maps if you can go there. Some of the drops are very valuable. I won't reveal the harder alternative, but it is on version 5 after clearing most of the main 5.0 story. There is also a way to just buy yourself to getting rich through the app lotto on the DQX companion app for smartphone. Don't think I will elaborate much on that either, so you don't waste your money. It's very expensive! In conclusion... I wanted to make this thread so badly for a long time. I'm sorry for not elaborating on a lot of stuff I mentioned. I don't want to ruin the experience for you and tell you about all the great shortcuts or spoil the story. I used to think that this game was too overwhelming and that I would never learn how to make gold or level up fast enough. But please trust me! You will someday if you stick with it. There are lot of great guides out there and from pinned topics in the den forum. Do yourselves a favor and look them up! Finally... I want to make one final thing clear. I am not 100% maxed out myself. I may be a veteran and appear pretty strong from my AI.. but I still have stuff I need to perfect too. Is that a good thing? I think so. The game never gets old for me. One last little word of advice: the most valuable thing we have on this game is each other, on the Den team. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help in team chat. That is the most valuable word of advice I can offer you. Dragon Den team forever! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this whole thing or even part of it. Fear not, if you ever want me to elaborate on the stuff I concealed above, I will be happy to answer any questions about them through a PM or privately in game. I just don't want to ruin the game for you if you are not very far. Just want you to have hope! -レミーナ (Remina) PS - I must repeat for the 1000th time that this wasn't a guide. I only listed certain key things that will help most players/motivate them to keep playing. Just wanted to spread something positive! Oh.. Happy 4th of July!
  4. I've been where you've been in a different game. I know it sucks, but you gotta bite it and move on. I am not here to take sides, but you gotta realize this was something the team needed. We all needed a wake up call and have to stop the negativity in team chat. I hope you realize this and return with a positive attitude after your suspension is up.
  5. From my experience, the PC version is the best version if you have decent enough specs; really depends on your setup. Plays nice with a PS4 controller too. I used to play the PC version, but I switched to the Nintendo Switch version because I don't have two monitors on my computer and I often look at guides and google translate for certain things. I also love the pro controller and playing on a bigger screen. The switch version probably has the lowest FPS compared to PC and PS4, but it isn't that bad. I think PS4 has slightly better FPS. PC always felt like 60 FPS, but I think it can go much higher than that. So, PS4 vs. Switch. Which is better? Like I said earlier, PS4 has slightly better FPS. But I don't think you can plug in a keyboard to the PS4 like you can with switch. It's all a matter of preference. I think it is really fun on the switch. Hope that helped you out in some way.
  6. Haha Thank you! I'm glad you liked my little DQXI display there!
  7. I'm a tad late to this thread, but if you're ever in need of assistance I can help you if nobody else is around. My name is レミーナ (Remina) I usually play late nights through early mornings. I'm not full end game myself, but I have completed version 2.0 and I know the basics. Just look for the girl with the pink ponytail in the team window.
  8. Cranberry helped me with this in game. This is some new years item thing. You gotta go to the central continent and kill these black furr monsters outside of the place where you get the weekly hunt quest. Kill 5 of them to get 2 metal fragments. 10 minute time limit. If you're not able to go to that continent like me, then party up with a willing person who can and they can get the quest done for you if you use the scroll as party leader with them in your party.
  9. After finishing up the last battle to complete my foresudon gate quest, a treasure chest dropped. Assuming it was probably just those eggs, I opened it up and found something very strange. Now, I have opened the weapon recipe for that one whip and learned it already, but this was something completely different. I looked up all possible foresudon drops on this bestiary site for DQX and they only have the eggs and whip recipe on there. So, I am asking you guys now. What is this item and is it useful to me? It cannot be traded or sold on the auction house. Below is a SS of the item: Thank you to anyone who finds out what it is~
  10. Hello, I can't seem to access my monster farm from the phone app anymore. I have been having an issue for a few weeks now. Been putting this off for too long, since I thought I could find someone from the den in game who could answer this for me without making a thread. So, I finally found a way to take screenshots from my android phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) Yeah, I don't use the iphone version of this app like most of you do. So anyway, I have a few screenshots below (sorry that they are HUGE lol) This is like my profile on the app I think. May have some hint as to why I can't connect to my farm? Thought it wouldn't hurt to add to the thread. This is the message I get after I click on the slime dude on the 2nd tab, which is supposed to load and take me to my farm. This is basically the main error message that appears when I try to load into my monster farm :'( This is where it takes me after I hit OK. This is like asking me to buy something. If I hit the first option, it takes me to the next screenshot. Hitting the 2nd option makes this window go away. Ok, here is where I start to believe that the android version of this app now requires a paid subscription. Here is where you pro japanese readers come in. At least tell me it's a one time fee... Anyways, thanks in advance to anyone who resolves this for me. I really wanna get back to my farm, as a ton of people from the den have fed my pets every day and I am unable to return the favor :/ -Remina (Pink haired elf girl priest)
  11. Hey, can anyone tell me why it won't let me log into my character? Here is a screenshot below: So, there are only 2 things I can think this error is. 1. I need to make a new subscription. The thing with that is I thought I still had 24 hours to do so, since every time I log in it tells me how much longer I have left til' my 20 free days from buying the game is over. Maybe it meant 24 minutes when I looked earlier? 2. I got banned somehow... Someone tell me that isn't so D: Anyway, thanks much to who ever resolves this for me
  12. Hi, I am on the DD team in-game, and my character's name is レミーナ "Remina" (Elf girl with short pink hair) Anyway, I'm trying to raise my Golem, Catmage and Healslime. I reaaaaally want that cute little catmage with me everywhere I go, so please feed it :-) It's soo cute! I also need my healslime up in points too. I also have a Golem on my farm. Would very much appreciate the help! I will try to help other's too with their monsters too! Thanks
  13. Hey, thanks for letting me join the Dragon's Den team last night! What were the odds of randomly finding Cranberry in a tavern in a town I've never been to before! This is レミーナ "Remina" The cute Elf Anyway, glad to be here. Thanks again for all your help!
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