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  1. I believe Cran edited the "Dragon's Den Team" pinned topic with the contents of this thread.
  2. Yeah, Tower was a bore for me too! Glad I got everything from it too lol Hope you get a town someday!
  3. First and foremost.. I want to thank all the newer players. You guys are really motivating for me. Seeing this team get bigger and bigger makes me feel better when I log on and see how active the team is becoming. Not going to get into what happened recently, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to motivate some of you to keep pressing on with DQX. This isn't really going to be a guide or a walkthrough.. more of a motivational speech from someone with several years of experience on the game and a lifelong fan of the franchise. I will refrain from spoiling any of the story going forward,
  4. I've been where you've been in a different game. I know it sucks, but you gotta bite it and move on. I am not here to take sides, but you gotta realize this was something the team needed. We all needed a wake up call and have to stop the negativity in team chat. I hope you realize this and return with a positive attitude after your suspension is up.
  5. From my experience, the PC version is the best version if you have decent enough specs; really depends on your setup. Plays nice with a PS4 controller too. I used to play the PC version, but I switched to the Nintendo Switch version because I don't have two monitors on my computer and I often look at guides and google translate for certain things. I also love the pro controller and playing on a bigger screen. The switch version probably has the lowest FPS compared to PC and PS4, but it isn't that bad. I think PS4 has slightly better FPS. PC always felt like 60 FPS, but I think it can go much h
  6. Haha Thank you! I'm glad you liked my little DQXI display there!
  7. I'm a tad late to this thread, but if you're ever in need of assistance I can help you if nobody else is around. My name is レミーナ (Remina) I usually play late nights through early mornings. I'm not full end game myself, but I have completed version 2.0 and I know the basics. Just look for the girl with the pink ponytail in the team window.
  8. Cranberry helped me with this in game. This is some new years item thing. You gotta go to the central continent and kill these black furr monsters outside of the place where you get the weekly hunt quest. Kill 5 of them to get 2 metal fragments. 10 minute time limit. If you're not able to go to that continent like me, then party up with a willing person who can and they can get the quest done for you if you use the scroll as party leader with them in your party.
  9. After finishing up the last battle to complete my foresudon gate quest, a treasure chest dropped. Assuming it was probably just those eggs, I opened it up and found something very strange. Now, I have opened the weapon recipe for that one whip and learned it already, but this was something completely different. I looked up all possible foresudon drops on this bestiary site for DQX and they only have the eggs and whip recipe on there. So, I am asking you guys now. What is this item and is it useful to me? It cannot be traded or sold on the auction house. Below is a SS of the item: Than
  10. Hello, I can't seem to access my monster farm from the phone app anymore. I have been having an issue for a few weeks now. Been putting this off for too long, since I thought I could find someone from the den in game who could answer this for me without making a thread. So, I finally found a way to take screenshots from my android phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) Yeah, I don't use the iphone version of this app like most of you do. So anyway, I have a few screenshots below (sorry that they are HUGE lol) This is like my profile on the app I think. May have some hint as to why I can't connect to my
  11. Hey, can anyone tell me why it won't let me log into my character? Here is a screenshot below: So, there are only 2 things I can think this error is. 1. I need to make a new subscription. The thing with that is I thought I still had 24 hours to do so, since every time I log in it tells me how much longer I have left til' my 20 free days from buying the game is over. Maybe it meant 24 minutes when I looked earlier? 2. I got banned somehow... Someone tell me that isn't so D: Anyway, thanks much to who ever resolves this for me
  12. Hi, I am on the DD team in-game, and my character's name is レミーナ "Remina" (Elf girl with short pink hair) Anyway, I'm trying to raise my Golem, Catmage and Healslime. I reaaaaally want that cute little catmage with me everywhere I go, so please feed it :-) It's soo cute! I also need my healslime up in points too. I also have a Golem on my farm. Would very much appreciate the help! I will try to help other's too with their monsters too! Thanks
  13. Hey, thanks for letting me join the Dragon's Den team last night! What were the odds of randomly finding Cranberry in a tavern in a town I've never been to before! This is レミーナ "Remina" The cute Elf Anyway, glad to be here. Thanks again for all your help!
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