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  1. I'd say we should go to any message boards/social media to take the campaign up front for the release of DQVIII. It'd be the best time to go and spread word of this campaign again.
  2. I figured with the upcoming VIII launch there'll be more traffic regarding it, which would be the best time to go and spread word of this campaign again! I'm down for bringing this up again with a new Dragon Quest release C:
  3. I'd love to make an art submission once the Chameleon Pens I ordered come around, I'm up for anything to show support for X
  4. Done and done! I'm also gonna try and send this to my friends and link this to other forums and websites as well to see if anyone will sign! Dragon Quest X is a very unique MMORPG, which I believe because of how different it is that may be a reason why it can be successful.
  5. So apparently someone has discovered and leaked Dragon Quest VII two months before its launch right now, and it is pretty much up for download. Obviously I won't link it because that's illegal, but I pretty much heard about this from another source online. With this being a thing, I'm a bit concerned now. If people are going to pirate it, Square's going to lose money on it. Does anyone else feel worried by this and the future for Dragon Quest games in the west if a lot of people do end up pirating it now and not buying the official release? They're pretty much bringing VII over for the fa
  6. This is why I still ask and hope for X. I find it better to show interest in games that you feel deserve localisation than to assume that it could never come because of said reasons, I kinda learnt this with Bravely Default and various other games (like Tomodachi Life, Yo-Kai Watch, and Fantasy Life for other games) where I thought they were impossible to be brought outside Japan. Just show interest online and maybe someone will answer the message. If you want a game to get localisation but it may be impossible, like DQX, don't assume its impossible. Just go online and say you want it and r
  7. They probably will localise VIII first, but that doesn't mean that they could announce they've begun translating VII. They could release VIII and maybe announce sometime that they've been translating VII. Hopefully they'll acknowledge something about VII, X, and now this port of VIII at this year's E3. I wouldn't be upset though, if they give some kind of comment about localising VII and/or X alongside the announcement of this localisation I'd be happy.
  8. Maybe Square Enix was able to come up with excuses for X and VII, but this time with this game there should be no excuse for a localisation. There already exists a good translation for this game, meaning it'll be a simple and cheap port over. No excuse there. If they can port this mobile and localise that they can port it to 3DS and localise that.
  9. Sent a PM. I hope I'll get a response and hopefully Erdrick1989 will join in on this.
  10. Do you want me to send Erdrick1989 a PM regarding this thread? Plus the Japanese Miiverse message I made up back a page? It says you're also friends with Erdrick1989 apparently :U maybe you can tell Erdrick1989 about this.
  11. Erdrick1989 is able to play DQX on 3DS, if that's who you are wondering about. http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31338
  12. Of course, we just need someone who plays DQX on Wii U/3DS. Then we could get any Dragon Quest fan that has access to Miiverse to link them to the post, post there, and spread word of this post. It also needs to be written in both Japanese and English like I suggested. We also need an active Square Enix Miiverse game page too, like Bravely Default. Better to go straight to anything Square Enix related rather than going all over Miiverse. If need be for Miiverse community alternatives, where else could there be?
  13. How about the DQX community, along with something else Square Enix related outside Japan? Or how about if someone plays DQX on 3DS or Wii U, we could get them to do a post and any non-player can give the post a ton attention? The post could both be about Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest X. Though I don't think anyone here plays DQX on 3DS or Wii U.
  14. How about we get this message spreading on Dragon Quest Miiverse pages? 北米ã¨ãƒ¨ãƒ¼ãƒ­ãƒƒãƒ‘ドラゴンクエストXã¨ãƒ‰ãƒ©ã‚´ãƒ³ã‚¯ã‚¨ã‚¹ãƒˆVII ï¼Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest VII for North America and Europe! A good time to do this too would probably when/if the Miiverse pages are most active as well.
  15. Well since my post must've been deleted because it contained Alexandrious' post, I just wanna say that there's no harm in asking for X as well as asking for VII. Better than doing nothing about it based on assumption. Plenty out there thought Bravely Default or Dragon Quest Heroes would've never been localised. I want to start a Miiverse push. I just want the idea to be spread around, and there to be a specific plan of action. Like we write our message in both English and Japanese that we want VII and X.
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