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  1. Jajajaja Many thanks for helping me!! I'll work to finish it soon so I can share with you! Best regards!
  2. Hi guys! I'm working in a Dragon quest infographic for the main series! Just wanted to check if I have the correct information! could anybody check? I'm ordering the games for their release date (also the remakes and the ports) in consoles (and lately the mobile releases) I'm constructing something like this: So, I would appreciate if you could have a fast look if I'm missing some game or remake: 1986 DQ 1 (famicom, NES) 1987 DQ 2 (famicom, NES) 1988 DQ 3 (famicom, NES) 1990 DQ 4 (famicom, NES) 1992 DQ 5 (super famicom) 1993 DQ 1&2 Remake (super famicom) 1995 DQ 6 (super famicom) 1996 DQ 3 Remake (super famicom) 1999 DQ 1&2 Remake (Game boy color) 2000 DQ 7 (Play Station X) 2000 DQ 3 Remake (Game Boy Color 2001 DQ 4 Remake (play station x) 2004 DQ8 (PS2) 2004 DQ 5 Remake (PS2) 2007 DQ 4 Remake (DS) 2008 DQ 5 Remake (DS) 2009 DQ 9 (DS) 2010 DQ 6 (DS) 2011 DQ 1,2&3 Port (wii) 2012 DQ 10 (Wii, WiiU, 3DS) 2013 DQ 1 Port (mbl) 2013 DQ 8 Port (mbl) 2013 DQ 7 Remake (3DS) 2014 DQ 4 Port (mbl) 2014 DQ 2 Port (mbl) 2014 DQ 3 Port (mbl) 2014 DQ 5 Port (mbl) There are a lot! and I am using Japanese dates... Many thanks in advanced! I'll be posting the progress!!
  3. Didn't work.....T_T I'm starting to think that there is actually a problem with the receptors in the machine.. but they're open while playing (I see 4 red lights)...
  4. I'll try tomorrow at my friend's and inform you!! Hopefuly it will work! I want to play it sooo bad!!
  5. Many many many thanks Mimas for your fast reply!! Tried in the dark..with aluminum roll... didn't work T_T Now I'm sure I'm doing sth wrong... or maybe there is a problem with the receptor... There are 4 red lights always on in the machine. is it OK? also.. could it be problem of the TV? not shure why but....T_T Many thanks again!!
  6. WOA!! you guys have amazing collections! Mine is growing day after day!! Dragon Quest I+II (Super Famicom) Dragon Quest 3 (Super Famicom) Dragon Quest 5 (Super Famicom) Dragon Quest 6 (Super Famicom) Dragon Quest 8 (PS2) Dragon Quest 4 (DS) Dragon Quest 5 (DS) Dragon Quest 6 (DS) Dragon Quest 9 (DS) DQ Monsters Joker (DS) DQ Monsters Joker 2 (DS) Kenshin Dragon Quest All of them whit their boxes, manuals, etc...
  7. Hi guys! This is my first post so let me introduce myself: I'm Xavi, from Barcelona [i'm posting this in the general as I do not know exactly where it fits...] I always came to this website to find good material and to solve some questions I hope you can help me out this time too A few days ago I bought Kenshin dragon quest (http://dragon-quest.org/wiki/Kenshin_Dragon_Quest) and I was REEEEEEALLY excited about playing it. I plugged it on my TV and pointed the sword towards the screen... but it didn't work. The machine plugged in the TV is working but the problem seems to be the sword (the controller). As it is independent from de console, I thought that maybe it has some batteries inside but as it is sealed (and it's an awesome sword) I don't want to break it to find it out... if anyone can help me before!! Has anyone been playing it? Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone "changed" the batteries of this sword? I looked for hours in the internet but didn't find anything......T_T Many many thanks in advanced!!
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