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  1. This is something I always struggle with. I'm torn! If I hord them I won't waste them, but then they lose their value. If I use them I might make a mistake that I won't be able to undo, but one of my characters will still get a stat boost. What's a quester to do? It all boils down to personal preference I guess.
  2. As far as the tea and sandwich all-night-party goes; I party chatted with Prince Kiefer the next morning and he mentioned that it was some "strong" tea. Hinting that it was alcoholic.
  3. Been playing Fantasy Life, it reminds me a lot of DQ IX.

    1. Megalosaro


      I don't disagree. It looks a lot like what DQIX looked like when it was first announced

  4. Here's the latest batch, well two. Most of you have probably already read the Maribel one. Things have been slow moving between the holidays, working, and other comic projects. The last panel in the Keifer strip was heavily inspired by Charles Schultz's Peanuts and Charlie Brown.
  5. Unmatched awesomeness. That is high praise! Let's tweet out all the entries to get squenix's attention.
  6. Thanks, Cesar! I like your style too. I've been poking around on your deviant art page. I love the picture of Hargon you did.
  7. While I don't want to derail the marriage discussion on this thread, I must chime in that DQII is probably my least favorite of the series. I don't have a ton of nostalgia for these games as I never played them as a kid when I had an NES. I loved the original DQ which I beat in 2011. Even though, by today's standards, the story seems so cookie-cutter for RPGs, it really held my attention. I really felt like I was controlling the hero. I know it is a bit grind heavy, but I was okay with that. DQII was a different story. After beating DQ I anxiously sought out DQ II and expected more of the same. It was...different. The land mass being so large I got lost easily. I was super lost in that game all the time. I feel like having the freedom in DQ and having to romp back and forth through Alefgard worked because it was a relatively small map. But the DQ II map was not a fun romp. It felt like how it looks fun to rake leaves into a big pile as a kid so you could jump in them, but then your dad tells you that you have to rake the whole lawn and you spend a whole afternoon just raking leaves. Overwhelming. I collected a couple of crests and floundered about aimlessly, and lost interest in the game. It's too bad, because I loved the story telling in the game! That intro for an NES game blew me away! I'm not giving up on it, as I'd like to pick up the iOS version and beat it on there, having been streamlined to make it less grind heavy. And, since this has cropped up, I would like to add that Princess Gwaelin is one of my favorite characters in the DQ series for her utter dedication to the hero, and her legendary skill of overcoming objections.
  8. King Zenith, I have an entry that is really just one of my BRING DRAGON QUEST WEST comics focusing on Maribel. I won't be able to finish it until Sunday. Can I send it on Sunday?
  9. Hi LiamLand, no problem! Twitter seems to be a good way to get the word out on the streets. The virtual streets I mean. That land shard comic came to me after I was playing the Playstation version of Dragon Warrior VII.
  10. Thanks everybody! These comics have been so fun to make. When time allows I will make more. I plan to keep plugging away at them until we get those DQ games.
  11. These are great pictures. I gotta say, I love that Hottingham-gore! It's adorable and creepy all at the same time. Keep up the great work!
  12. Hi everybody. I, like all of you, love Dragon Quest! I'm in love with the gameplay, the excellent story telling, and I love the look of the games. I most especially love the monster designs! Anyhow, I like to make comics. I've been making them for years. I've always been inspired by Dragon Quest in a lot of the comics I do, but I never really drew a Dragon Quest comic...until now. I felt that trying to get more people supporting the quest to bring the Dragon Quest games west was a great reason to start doing DQ comics. Here's what I've come up with so far Well, that's what I have done so far. I'd like to do more soon, but I have been bogged down with other work, like my day job and other comic obligations. But when I do draw more, I will post them here, and on twitter and all those other social media sites. Feel free to spread these comics around. I'm all for it if it'll bring more Dragon Quest games over here.
  13. Thanks, King Zenith. I'll probably start a thread in the general DW/DQ! I like these slime emoticons. I've never liked an emoticon so much!
  14. Thanks for the kind words everyone! I think I'll dig up some of my old sketches and scan them in to color them. The real reason I couldn't draw anymore monsters, was that I got stuck on DW2. I lost my place, and had only gotten 2 crests. So I set it aside for a while.
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