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  1. Its out on IOS now...i just saw it on the front page and was shocked out of my socks. i didnt know it was coming out on mobile Wouldnt have gone through all that trouble to get it on ds 2 weeks ago if i did.. Especially since i would have loved to play the japanese version. Oh well ill search harder next time, my DS one is still super amazing <3 EDIT: figured out what happened.... it was announced after i was done searching for it and made up my mind to get the DS version >.>
  2. Awesome new thread! Definitely agree with Anki! http://www.memrise.com/ is also another good one :3 Love those resources he named! Just wanted to add that my japanese improved greatly once i started using it everyday and i learned the hard way that immersion is extremely important to couple with your studying so i always try to spread the word! You really need both to become fluent, immersion and studying. We know we can study anywhere in the world but luckily you also dont have to be in japan to immerse yourself in the language. If you like try to find a hobby thats uses japanese, you already have gaming so thats awesome for practicing your reading once you learn more kanji but also try to find one where you can listen to natural japanese a lot. Also of course as much as you have time for, practice speaking,writing, with a native or even a fellow learner. Heres a couple generic but good starts to immersion http://www.fluentu.com/japanese/ (perfect!) http://sharedtalk.com/ http://lang-8.com/(is this still a thing? not sure.) Also itunes podcast but i would learn the basics first And... i can't remember anymore right now Might add more later but you can never go wrong with grammar~! -http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar Also keep in mind that practicing speaking and listening will simultaneously improve your reading and writing (for gaming purposes) but not your kanji reading at all, so once you learn kana (hiragana and katakana) focus on kanji as soon as you can.
  3. After this weeks finals i will finally be able to play and finish dragon quest 5!

  4. Got the last copy of dragon quest 5 in my town today! Black Friday woot! Now I have to catch up to where I was in the game, but I wasn't very far and it is so much faster on the ds and won't crash.. So happy :')
  5. I went to ebay expecting to buy dragon quest 5 on DS for $15. I was just another one of those kids with big dreams.
  6. -Dragon quest 4 -Atelier Ayesha- The Alchemist of Dusk (on hold)
  7. Im waiting for dragon quest five to arrive on mobiles. I started playing it but decided to play 4 first because my console was really slow for 5 but 4 is already out on mobile.
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