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  1. Mrbrac

    Version 4

    Are you in Japan how are you running a proxy to your switch?
  2. I bought a item of dqx store dollar board cosemetic how does it get applied? figured it out I expected the person to be in a shop.
  3. They are in all the big cities look for hair cut icon. Then you got do a quest you got get sparkly ink or something I think its red slimes.
  4. Well I would like to help you scour If I could but not sure if I would be a help. I am CS major but I do not got experience with hacking , translating etc , that stuff. I think you got figure out mind of DQ Dev team why do they build files in that way etc there is organization going on just got figure out their flow and you get it.
  5. So presumably first you would have to scour every dat and find where all the text is then change it. But if a patch comes and merges with dat you would need to repatch right for it would be overwritten.
  6. Well I am thinking about getting into translating games. What does it take to uncompress and compress the dat files. Maybe we can get a svn going for it or get Translation wiki a lot games I saw translated. Had a wiki that had all text uploaded and users could translate a sentence.
  7. They are fresh characters no team , I will double check. MY brac character messed up its バラケ QM100-074. Solight LS454-819 I think i screwed up on katakana I think its either  ソリリト ï¾ï¾˜ï¾˜ï¾„
  8. Maybe I can help with the technical problem possibly.
  9. I am a altoholic I'd appreciate an extra two invites for my two other characters. QM100-074 Baraku ãƒãƒ©ã‚¯ LS454-819 Soririto ソリリト Thanks in advance.
  10. I just hit level 25 I am bit lost. I think I am done for the night.
  11. Cran will also need your character ID in order to add you. I thought she needed that but I was not on at the time, I will get it tonight. EDIT: My id is VZ666-458. 666 haha.
  12. my character name is sakitsu ã•ãã¤ã€€Its in hiragana but katakana would be サキツ。
  13. I think one month sub is around 1000 yen.
  14. Kotaku is just a clickbait site. Most mmos prune trail accounts or characters not retail accounts. MMO subscribers unsub all the time , they want you back(your money).
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