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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    1. Democrobot


      A bit late there for me, but Happy Thanksgiving to you

  2. Thank you Erdrick! Very helpful information and the PS2 version sounds very interesting! I'm going to try to look for it over the weekend.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely try out the mobile games.
  4. I haven't played any of the games yet. I'm going to be getting the Dragon Quest Metal Slime PS4 so the Heroes game is probably the first one I'll play. If anyone has other recommendations for a beginner getting started into Dragon Quest please let me know! Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!
  5. New here! I'm also new to Dragon Quest. I got into Dragon Quest collecting the Slime plushies and discovered the forum from ENIX's massive Dragon Quest sale. I really enjoy it here and thought I'd say hello to everyone!
  6. Can the DQ metal PS4 play US games? I saw it on eBay and thinking of getting it but unsure if it did. I really want it too!
  7. Enix did you get my messages? I want to buy your Draco Slime plush and Pearl Gel Slime plush.
  8. I did look at the plushies he listed. I didn't see that one. Thanks for you help!
  9. Hello! New here! I'm looking to buy the Slime coalescence (?) plush at a good reasonable price. I'm not sure of the actual name of it. There is one listed on eBay as Slime coalescence plush but it's at a crazy price of $550!!!! Another eBay seller I asked had one for $150 which I think is still way too much. It looks like 8 Slimes stuck together in a pyramid shape. I noticed there are two versions of this plush. One is made out of a shiny material and the other one is a regular plush material. I'm looking for both. Not sure the value or worth of this plush but I'm hoping I can
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