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  1. Guess I have a Big reason to buy a PS4 now, Whichever will be available ill get!
  2. Just curious to know, if there are ladies or gentlemen here in the site who will actually dress up and cosplay for this years halloween, if so, post a picture or an answer. im thinking of going as a condom and surprising my girlfriend
  3. I Support Mobile DQ, just for the fact that If im riding on a car for a road trip or on a plane, and i grab my phone and want to play a game then i would indeed choose Dragon Quest!! Dont get me wrong, i LOVE for them to come out with Newer Console games as well as for Mobile Devices, Im not against either, but i would love for SE to get their Butts outta their chairs and come up with new merchandise for us to enjoy, apps,games, COME ON SQUARE!!!!!
  4. I guess it sould be worth getting this game, all id have to do is buy my cuzins PSVita for 100
  5. I suggest Solitaire she may be a total BiT*( but man she's still awesome!
  6. Tried to play it back in 09, but couldn't continue, just couldn't, not my cup of tea.
  7. game looks good, love the sprite work for the Main Character
  8. Square Enix and most of Japans Game industries are greedy enough to keep many of their great games amongs themselves and not releasing them to other countries....its been awhile that it has been released in JP, but i think this is one of those games where they think it wont be popular on the US, maybe cuz they believe that Americans only accept and like Built, tall/average height heroes, but thats just my opinion.
  9. Wonder if they will add Meena and her sister maya
  10. Favorite Pokemon Would have to be Nidoking, been my favorite since the Red and Blue days.
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