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  1. ignasia, This is truly helpful, thank you so much. Yeah, I hadn't leveled up Nokturnus because all the ones I did level up were the ones I needed to get their unique equipment toward wardrobe 100%. So I have a whole bunch at lvl 69-70, and one you have to take to 80, and then I took Zoma to 99 for fun. So Dragonlord is hardest due to unpredictability, eh? That's very interesting... I may have to try it out. Regarding weapons, since you said axe and hammer were dangerous in that they are more likely to miss ... what would you recommend, and would you suggest I change my Minstrel and MA to other jobs? Since I have all the gear in the game, I can make any of them pretty powerful. I'd personally love to use the alchemiracle dagger, just because I have a love of daggers, but I know their damage is kinda pathetic, even if their hit rate is super-high. I'll be sure to read Mystical One's guide while prepping. Tonelico
  2. Last night, I hit 100% alchenomicon and wardrobe. I've created and then expended all 188 agates of evolution (oh lord, I will never have to synth a sage's elixir ever again, and I'll never repeat "Cloudless Skye" again either. YEEEEESSS). So I feel all completion-y. Which is nice. But I haven't done any legacy boss at 99 except for Zoma, and that proved to be one hell of a fight (it exhausted my entire supply of yggdrasil leaves at the time). From what I can tell, it sounds like Nokturnus is the hardest of them all. Is this true? I currently only have him at like lvl 20 so I can't quite tell yet. But I mean, he looks like Cell from DBZ, so that fits (unless Rhapthorne is like "Boo," then we're up $#!& creek here... good ol' Toriyama...) Okay then, and IF Nokturnus 99 is the hardest thing in the world, am I totally unprepared for him? All of my characters have "natural" max stats, which is to say that they've assigned all 100 skill points to all 12 jobs, so they're getting all the passive stat bonuses. My normal setup is Minstrel w/ sword, Martial Artist w/ axe, Priest w/ hammer, and Sage w/ wand (sage is in back row). Typically to win these fights I twocus pocus / channel anger on the sage, use kazammle or kaboomle (whichever does better on the boss), try to spooky-aura with all other characters until m.def is at its lowest on the enemy, then use attack attacker. Priest heals and puts up insulatle. Can this strat win Nokturnus 99? Is it worth changing jobs around? I know a lot of people seem to favor Gladiator, I assume he has better strength? Also, I've done *zero* seed farming. Would this be a requirement to beat 99 Nokturnus? Thanks for all your help. You guys rock. Tonelico
  3. SE made a statement about 6 months ago that DQ1-8 would all come to mobile. That was in Japan, but I don't see why North America wouldn't localize them.
  4. I'd much rather DQ7 on 3DS, but since that's looking less and less likely, I might have to settle for an iOS release of DQ7. Sadly, I'm running an iPod Touch 4th gen, so I can't upgrade to iOS 7, and my processing speed is so bad that I doubt I can handle DQ7. Really worried it'll crash all the time. 1-3 ran smooth, but 8 won't run at *all* on my device. Congratulations, it looks like you're the contest-closer. Welcome to the DQ3 lightspeed club.
  5. Might I suggest Kafrizzle instead? Is there any resistance to that? I had tried a few different offensive spells before settling on kaboom because I think I got a few "not affected" -- maybe? I don't think I ever tried Kafrizzle. If I go for the under-25 win, I will do Kafrizzle. Thanks.
  6. DarkB -- yes, that was definitely a day-old baby talking. Made NO sense. Regarding Xenlon (Divinegon): My party setup is far from ideal. Hero is hero, then I have a martial artist who was priest20, a thief (with no prior job experience), and a sage (who was previously mage20). They're all lvl range 40-45. I don't know how books work so I would just make people read crap, so my stat growth was probably horrible. With that party, I was able to beat Xenlon in 29 turns primarily using physical damage. sage would Oomph hero and MA. Thief would use sage's stone over and over, every single turn (he had meteorite armlet so he always went first, usu before Xenlon too). If oomph didn't get canceled in 2 turns, Sage would help heal w/ multiheal, or put up insulatle (very important) or 2x kabuff. If Xenlon went 5+ turns without disruptive wave usage and we were in an ideal state, Sage would then start casting kaboom. The hero and MA with Oomph on did 300~350 per turn. With Kaboom added it would become up to 500. When disruptive wave was used, before oomph could be re-applied, hero would use kazap for ideal damage (not enough mp to run the whole fight with it, but enough to use it ~5 times in the fight ... if you don't choose to omniheal in a pinch). MA and sage were the only ones with cock-a-doodle-doo, so the 100% sleep gaze could be dangerous if both of them got slept in two consecutive turns. At my current level range it took 4 attempts to win. And now that I've won once, a subsequent win requires a <25 turn win for lovely new prize. SPEAKING OF WHICH...
  7. As a lover of Dragon Quest, Dragon's Quest's music, and rhythm games, this game is basically everything I could want in a fun little side-game experience. Now they just have to NOT botch the in-game music. It's easier with FF IMO. Having listened to pretty much all of the DQ Japanese albums in existence, I can tell you that everything outside the Symphonic Suites are hit-or-miss. There's a Dragon Quest dance mix album that's just uninspired, and there's the old "Loula" Song Album which was ... weird (all vocal tracks, pseudo classical but still J-poppy). Hopefully they'll have the same people that have handled the in-game audio for DQIX and the mobile ports doing this. Because that in-game audio sounds really good.
  8. I'm TRYING. Xenlon is haaaard. Anyone know how much HP he has?
  9. dq3 mobile end credits.zip I'm posting in this forum, in case anyone wants it, screens of the full DQ3 mobile end credits sequence. I'm also sending to Woodus to have posted on main site.
  10. Okay, that should make me #5. Micah Isaiah and Sophia are my kids' names, and I'm Patrick (see screen 1). I'm PM-ing King Zenith extra proof. I'm also going to post in a separate thread full screenshots of the end credits sequence, which I will also PM to Woodus.
  11. Seeing one of the screenshots here majorly spoiled me (I haven't played Roto/Erdrick trilogy before, so finding out there's a little flip in chronology was a big deal. Explains a lot though!). Currently stuck on the Baramos fight and quite aware that I'll have to grind levels. Looks like I should grind my sage up to get Insulatle. That'll be a game-changer. Let's see if I'll be 3, or 5, or 9. One way or another I'm-a be in the top 10.
  12. I PMed you KingZ, but I'll post here as well. Here's my proof of purchase. As you can see, all I buy lately is DQ...
  13. Would have been nice to have them re-formed in a big stupid transformers-style transformation for stupid-hard endgame fight (to rival and/or surpass Nokturnus 99)
  14. This is my first time playing DQ3, and I only found about its iOS release 10 minutes ago. So I'm at a serious disadvantage. But I was totally like #11 or #12 on DQ2. I'm going to fight for this one. Don't anyone stop me now!
  15. Indeed ... it must just be something triggered in the transition in or out of the two modes of transportation, the text gets garbled and suddenly you can't save. Again, it is *relatively* rare for me, so I'm not too eager to see it resolved. Once at 300 hrs and once at 420 hrs, all while grinding out for 100% alchemy/wardrobe. So I won't complain. OH! And Liam, sorry, I forgot I was unable to get "Tonelico" as a handle over on GameFAQs. It's me Patrick, aka "RamzaHelp." You're my hero, dude! No worries about sending the cart back to you. Unless the error started happening a whole bunch and you thought you'd like to do some save-file surgery to try and mend it, I'll just keep saving frequently and hope I don't lose hours of farming plumes or shards etc. ^____^
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