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  1. Well after having to put it off due to work I'm announcing the project will be underway by 2018!
  2. Ah. It was an idea, plus I had ideas for a DQI-VI Classic music collection comprising the NES, SNES and DS music.
  3. One of my biggest non-DQ hobbies is working with Video Game Music (henceforth referred to in rest of my post as VGM). And I have an idea that could combine both into one big labor of love. Introducing... the Dragon Quest I-VIII iOS/Android Unofficial Complete Soundtrack Collection. I got the idea from the work of a user on Final Fantasy Shrine who goes by the username of !!!!! He did similar compilations for the collected works of Mario, Sonic, Mega Man and Kirby, among others. So my idea is....why not do one for the mobile DQ versions? The files are already on here, so no ripping needed. Here's the gyst of it: if someone on here could provide me the proper order the tracks would go in if they were on a soundtrack album (including all sound effects; they're as big a part of DQ as its music), I will download them, put them in order and tag them properly (in Japanese, with a notepad containing English tags if the downloader desires to tag them that way), and then resubmit the files in a RAR for upload to the site. Because I kind of suck at art, if someone could arrange the App icons into a piece of cover art for the project it would help. Best of all... This project will be a Dragon's Den EXCLUSIVE. I won't post it to any other site or P2P network. This is a labor of love to the site and to the fans. DQ has a rich history of wonderful music... and the smartphone releases of the music deserve a soundtrack all their own. Let me know what you all think of my idea!
  4. Well I figured out what else Jessica's whip skills can be used for. Rhythmic gymnastics. Ehehehehe
  5. Nope. It's not just me. She definitely gainaxes quite noticeably. She bounces in at 2.74 Misty Mays on the scale.
  6. I'm going to speak in my gaming circles and see if I can garner some support on Steam as well as via my older connections in the VGM (Video Game Music) social circles.
  7. I asked at Nintendo and no one seems to know which way is up DLc-wise
  8. Bad pic I know but again I could not do my full username.
  9. Well i won't be able t get it just yet. I lost my job at Kohl's but I hope Macy's will hire next week Its first on my paycheck purchase list so no worries
  10. Wait is this Kamiwoo the same Kamiwoo from Twitter? I think I know his fiancee!
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