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  1. Wicked I just got it this evening over here in Korea on my iPhone 6+
  2. I know for me I have never played a dynasty still game. I have followed the genre for years just never played one. But this one I can' wait to check out to see what kind of game mechanics the programmers from DQ uses on this engine?
  3. Can someone guide me through checking my mail? I I signed in today and saw the little envelope icon at the top of the screen and can't figure out how to check it.
  4. Ok I got the program to run but it is still not producing any text?
  5. Look at what I picked up from gamestop this morning.
  6. Excuse my retardedness but how do you get the program running?
  7. Getting ready for work tomorrow

    1. Ashes


      You can do it!

  8. I would love to play with the guys/gals on this forum. I am very new to the game but not new to playing MMO's or games in Japanese. (Be advised that I'm on the free trial so my options are limited right now). I figured out how to team up with the local Japanese players and had a ball last tonight. I live in Tucson AZ so my time zone being MST has me playing after work around 1730 and weekends. Here is my player ID: XR355-628
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