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  1. I know the feels, bro. That reminds me of a dream I had that DQX finally came to America. *sighs* I got a GOTY guide for Morrowind from Amazon today. My sister bought the Elder Scrolls Anthology for Christmas and I'm a big fan of the series. Still playing Hyrule Warriors and made some progress on the collectables.
  2. From the new trailer in the Direct it looks like the bosses have eyes as weakpoints. I wonder if they are changing the boss fights in this remake...
  3. I need to watch the final movies. That reminds me, I read the Harry Potter series all the way to the seventh book a couple of times. I'm a big fan of the franchise. And speaking of kicks, I'm on a Zelda kick ever since I played Hyrule Warriors. I'm playing Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, and about to start a new file on OoT 3D( I've been playing that game too many times). I also have beaten Minish Cap recently.
  4. Yesterday I got two new t-shirts and a hair cut (my long hair was kept getting tangled up), but the woman who worked on my hair did a shoddy job of it. My short hair is unevened and I called my uncle's wife to get an appointment at the salon she goes to.
  5. @Platty: Rune Factory 4. I never played the other main games, so I was pleasantly surprised about this game. I may get Untold since I enjoyed EO IV.
  6. I really hope Demo finds a place to stay. I know someone who went through a similar experience. I've been reading a good fantasy novel and playing some of my games.
  7. I have beaten Liza and Tate a couple of days ago (Solrock got completely destroyed by Mega Swampert's Surf and Absol's Night Slash) and now chasing down the evil group to Kyogre's resting place. I also caught a very stubborn Relicanth who tried its best not to be caught in a trench.
  8. I beaten the seventh gym in Alpha Sapphire and now chasing down Team Aqua to the Seafloor Cavern. And speaking of Rune Factory, I've been playing that too. I'm on my second playthrough (this game is addicting!) and my sister shown me how to get a certain item yesterday. @Platty: Man, I wished I saw that thread. EOIV is one of my favorite 3DS games.
  9. I had an old PS3 that died because of the YLOD. I tried fixing it using an method I found online but it didn't work. I went to my local Walmart and bought a new one. It's currently sitting in my room. Man, this talk about finals takes me back to my college years. There were a couple of instructors that I like and I even had fun learning in the classroom. I missed those days...
  10. Are there some challenges that you can't use the Golden Hammer on? I don't want to rage quit doing some of them.
  11. I have been playing Tales of Graces F these past weeks and I'm having a blast with it. I have gotten used to the battle system and I love how you make crazy combos with Eleth Break. After this I might play FF 10.
  12. My sister bought and downloaded all three games. I didn't try them, though; the games don't look interesting to me.
  13. Anyway... I just started playing Hyrule Warriors and I loved it (I'm a big Zelda fan). I don't know who's my favorite character though. Can't wait to get the DLC.
  14. I'm thinking of getting me an amiibo soon; the problem is I don't think the local game store has the character I want.
  15. She did the same thing to my team. Even my Mega Evolved Swampert couldn't bring her down. I had to use my own Altaria (name is Medli) to Dragon Breath hers into oblivion.
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