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  1. Having played through the JP version already, I can't say I find platforming to be a big part of the game in the least, really. One minor exception:
  2. If nothing else, switch to every vocation for at least a bit to get the "all classes" stat upgrades.
  3. I'm probably being really dense, but I could use a little help:
  4. I've been doing all updates to the same file uploaded on google drive, so what's at that link is the latest compiled patch
  5. You've basically got it... I've got something of a process to do it in an automated fashion, but you're definitely picking up the idea I'm getting at.
  6. I have a fair amount of tooling for doing all those things... I even have a small web site built for folks to be able to contribute translations (not available to the general public, of course). As I alluded to earlier, the problems aren't really so much technical in nature. For the most part, the things that are technical, have been solved to the extent it can be reasonably expected they ever will be. Unlike ROM patches, this product is a living and breathing thing, so a lot of what-ifs like hacking the executables and such are largely off the table from the start. The fact that new patches come down every few weeks (or worse) makes any kind of updates like that a never ending fool's errand. On one hand, it's tempting to think that having a whole bunch of people all just translate a few strings would be a great way to get things done quicker. And, from the standpoint of the reality that people come and go (excepting Erdrick the Hero and myself, I don't think anyone was consistently working on stuff for more than a few days or weeks at most... and even most of my work came in spits and spurts), that's good. However, it also makes a subtle, but critical assumption, that each snippet of text exists in a vacuum. Of course, that's not the case... for any but the most trivial of story elements, there are multiple NPCs, locations, items, timelines, and other things like "story so far" that all need to be consistent with one another. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to sound overly negative either, I just can't possibly over-communicate the types of challenges at hand at this point.
  7. I should clarify a bit about the issues with translating the online portion. The biggest is simply practical... there's a (very) large volume of content, and updates get pushed down rather frequently, which requires rebuilds of all patches. To the extent the issue is technical, it's not likely to be solved any time soon, and probably not at all. Internally, the content is in multiple different files (all packed into those .dat files you see). Those files have to be updated fairly atomically, and due to how the compression works, that usually means having all of the JP replaced with EN so that it compresses down still. Now, I *could* replace all text strings with markers like T001, T002, etc, and will probably be what I ultimately have to do... but it makes the process of seeing content in-context in-game that much more challenging. The other side of the issue is more of a practical one, that I simply have a lot of other things going on in life, and lately haven't really put much time into this. (Sadly)
  8. Extract everything into the appropriate folder (Program Files\Square Enix\Dragon Quest X\Game\Content\Data), run the exe, agree to the security prompt, and click "Patch"
  9. I think the music has largely been very good throughout the series, with a few individual songs I don't particularly care for. Questers Rest from IX is a major earworm, but I don't particularly like it (it's fine that some do like it, I'm just not one of them). A few from DQ7 stick out in my mind as well as being kind of weak, but again, personal opinion. One things I've definitely realized more recently, however, is that the actual orchestrated symphonic music is beautifully choreographed... often times it only loses something as a result of being synthesized, particularly on the older systems. Listening to the symphonic versions of the music from the early titles (which I frequently do while on planes) has definitely given me a new found appreciation for how enjoyable a lot of the music really is.
  10. The biggest thing is to just backup your data files before you start. As long as you do that, so you can replace them in case something goes wrong, you should be all right
  11. I used the liquid metal orb from the atlas battle and three bunny tails on my hero to beat Zoma. I would run at him in a circular angle to avoid his magical attacks and get behind him and wail on him. You have to dodge a lot to avoid his spells that surround him when you are close. My second in command was Terry, also with three bunny tails, and I would avoid switching characters until I was able to activate a coup de grace with my hero then switch to the other non Terry members to see how they were doing with the coup de grace build. If they are close I would use theirs then go back to Terry and pummel with the falcon slash/wind slash combo & coup de grace as they activated. If you have Erdrick's Orb from Nokturnus put that on Terry, it'll help. I haven't yet beaten Zoma, but minor nit: I think you have the orbs backwards... it's liquid metal you get from Nokturnus.
  12. In somewhat related discussion, the fact that the C&D preceded this, and now we're getting it, pretty much cements my initial thought that we will no way see X coming our way. Nobody ever said a thing to me about it, even in spite of a few emails I made to SE basically saying "come at me, bro" (I was having a particularly off night and feeling quite annoyed with the world at the time). Though I did see perhaps a small glimmer of hope when they talked about X being ported to PS4, I'm still convinced it isn't going to happen. But, I'm also pretty okay with that... I don't think as an MMO it would do that well here, and honestly, I'd rather not have anything released here that is a colossal failure... that's not a win for SE, and therefore in the bigger picture not a win for fans either.
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