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  1. I'm returning to the game after not playing since 2014 and i'm having trouble with the Proxy. I'm playing on PC and have been setting it up with regards to the AWS route but now my ProxyCap trial is obviously up and was looking for an alternative/guide to use one. I did see the suggestion of Proxifier and the subsequent guide on the PSOworld forums but couldn't get it to work for me.
  2. So i've been playing a bit more of the story quests today and was wondering if there's a summary for the 1.0 storyline anywhere. It would be great if I could get somewhat of a grasp of it as the story looks fantastic!
  3. Like others have echoes already, any translation is fine, whatever you feel most comfortable with is what you should go with. Like bjaxx said, if you're playing with Japanese players regularly, you will most likely already know enough Japanese or know your way around with the game/menu/spells. Another thing worth noting is that for sure, your menu translation will also sway more people on the fence into importing the game and that's always a positive for the import community, if the translation would have romaji or the older DW translations then it may have an adverse effect there too. All in all, i'm sure most people would agree that any translation is a bonus.
  4. Wow this is pretty incredible, great work Aeana! On a side, unrelated note, for some reason, whenever I open the chat monitor app when i'm in game (or out even) it doesn't seem to pick up or display any text for me, any ideas on how I can fix that?
  5. Good to know, i'll make sure not to accidentally discard that then. Just got a King Hydra coin from the lottery, do these sell often as I see they're going for around 48k on the bazaar and that would be pretty nice starting off.
  6. Yeah just found the Angel Slime hat. Whats the Japanese name for the free land ticket and what does it actually do?
  7. I've only just recently started playing DQX with my brother (only Lv17) and in the process of buying the All-In-One edition but I have a few questions I couldn't find any answers to. 1) I duo with my brother all the time but I was wondering when I should start hiring npc's to help out as well and how many? I'm guessing a priest could be helpful to us as when we went to the windmill for the mini-medal quest, the monsters were killing us quite easily. 2) What's a good way to get money early on, my equipment is pretty outdated and I've noticed the enemies do a fair bit of damage to me. 3) How do we get hold of the Angel Slime hat, I imagine that would be quite helpful to us. 4) Are there any useless or unwanted class's/crafts? Any crafts recommended? 5) Whats the general progression at early levels? Grinding to gain levels or work on quests/story quests? 6) I'm a Warrior with 2HSword, is this a good weapon to use? Any help would be greatly appreciated, hopefully we can get accepted to the Team soon.
  8. Looking to get an invite and get involved with the community too if possible: アストレア Asutorea JR680-220
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