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  1. I don't really understand your ethical stance on this one. Square don't want you ripping games, making eboots of them, patching translations across or any of that stuff. You're basically going absolutely miles out of your way to avoid paying for a game but also avoid piracy, when in the eyes of the companies what you're doing is no better than piracy. Either they get some of your cash or they don't, and with the amount of effort you're putting in to avoiding paying for the game you may as well just take the regular route to avoid paying for the game. That's without even considering that if you
  2. The victim mentality is strong here. They're not neglecting you guys, they're a company. They've translated and released many, many games and tranchises for the West, and if they're not doing it anymore then it wasn't financially viable for them. Sure, it's possible that there have been some bad business decisions along the way but most of the things people love to whine about were generally decent business decisions, and the things people loved were often stupid moves. You can moan and complain but SE don't exist to make exactly what you want exactly when you want it. They're a business,
  3. No, never. Even SE aren't crazy enough to port an unproven MMORPG to a platform with no MMORPG's using a system which streams the game and requires a mountain of mobile data to work. The 3DS/mobile ports in Japan are only there because the game is popular but the Wii is dying. PC gaming isn't massive in Japan and nobody is buying the Wii U so if they want it to maintain it's momentum they need it to be available on gaming platforms that people actually use, which in Japan is mobile phones and 3DS. Western audiences play a lot of mobile games, but not MMO's. If they released it outside
  4. No figures released that I've seen, though SE released their financials recently so maybe it's buried somewhere in there.
  5. Yeah that sounds about right, I definitely have separate eboots for all three discs of FFVII. The thing is though, I spent ages getting CT running on PSP because at the time it was the best version of the game available and I wanted to play a portable version. The DS version is massively superior to every previous release so unless you specifically want to play it on a TV then there's no point at all in playing the PS1 version.
  6. There is no way they'll port the PS2 version of V for one reason: they want to release VI and possibly VII afterwards and the last thing they'll want is for V to look far better that the next two games.
  7. As far as I remember, eboots of discs with multiple games on them can cause problems sometimes. I definitely had a real nightmare getting CT running on it.
  8. Just buy the DS version, it's the best one. I don't think it needs the shoulder buttons so that shouldn't be an issue.
  9. Hopefully it will do well and people will really appreciate it as one of the best games in the series.
  10. Yeah, I preordered both, I just figured that if I don't grab Japanese copies for my collection now they're not going to get any cheaper. I'll play the PS3 one and probably keep the PS4 one sealed.
  11. I heard from a friend in the industry that neither Sony or MS had mandatory region locks last gen, they both left it up to developers. He said that the only real difference was that by default the 360 dev kits had the region locking enabled and the devs had to disable it and send a request to MS. Sony had it the other way round with the region lock turned off by default, which lead to 99% of 360 games being locked and 99% of PS3 games being region free.
  12. I've already pre-ordered the Japanese version and I don't even have a PS4
  13. Yeah, if you go to more reply options you can add things under "my media". Not sure where you upload them though. Alternatively, shove whatever it is on imgur, take the direct link and use the picture function.
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