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  1. I'm back after a million years! I just decided to start over after all this time, would love an invite back! ãらり kirari CE 060 - 239
  2. I did the thing! I told them I'd drag everyone I know online to play it if it's localized... which is no idle threat. Seeing as how I kind of lost access to my one-time password for logging in to DQX, I really hope to be able to play it again, especially in English!
  3. Managed to beat the quest with some help from the team! We bravely approached the eerie tower... ... and beat up all the bad guys! Here's my triumphant victory pose. Honestly, it wasn't too bad, the hardest part was typing out the Trick or Treat message!
  4. I think the official, new translation of spells, etc would be for the best all around. I'm sure we could throw together a document with the Japanese versions of spell names next to your translation for quick reference, if need be. I'm guessing most of the people who would be using your translation would stick to playing with English speakers anyway. (If you can't play the game in Japanese you probably aren't going to try and communicate with Japanese players, right?) Echoing the previous sentiments - your work is amazing and a menu translation is just the thing to get all these people I keep pestering with screenshots to finally play the game themselves!
  5. I guess it was too much to ask for the ol' DQ/DW translation thing to not crop up in this one thread at least? Oh well Anyway, those screenshots are exciting, even if a bit squished! This is really coming along, it seems.
  6. Yeah, honestly, a menu translation is probably the most important thing in the end, anyway. That's the major hurdle to overcome that would cause a lot more players to be willing to play the game. There's so many ways to get the storyline across, but having the gameplay info right in front of you is really important!
  7. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place, but I can't seem to find any accessories in the Bazaar. Or are they not sold on there or something?
  8. Bumping to say how useful this thread has been! I was worried about distributing skill points but with the freebie reset orbs and guides it doesn't seem too bad. So I guess it's better, when you're first starting out, to just build up one weapon tree, then level up passives on other classes? And speaking of which weapons to level up, is fisticuffs considered a good idea for any given class you play?
  9. Yeah, me either. It might just be on the eShop though. I'll check around later if no one else has by then (Yes, I have a JP 3DS). It only comes with physical copies. Aww, that's a shame! It's not on the eShop from what I can see, must be something you can only get with the code. Kinda tempted to get a physical copy just for that...
  10. I don't think my PC digital download from Amazon.jp included a code for this, aww man
  11. Kamiwoo

    New players!

    Oh, this is gonna be great for leveling up! What's the best AI-type people to hire to take down these metal slimes? People with multi-hit weapons?
  12. I'm gearing up for my annual "spooky games month", so I've got a few games lined up for that which I'll begin shortly! (Corpse Party, Deadly Premonition, Silent Hill 4, to name a few) I've also finally picked up MGS: Peace Walker (HD collection) and I'm having lots of fun. I've gotta get back into MGS in time for V!
  13. This looks amazing, like, I'd take dates here. Honestly though, the topic title should be Dragon Questaurant.
  14. My username is an obscure character from an obscure JRPG (you get bonus points if you know which one!). Of course, a name like that suits me perfectly. When I first saw the name I was like... this is too amazingly weird/amusing not to use. And it turns out it's taken almost nowhere! Besides some Brazilian guy who stole it on Youtube. What the heck, man.
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