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  1. This is pretty exciting. Finally getting Dragon Quest titles more often again.
  2. I should have checked back a while ago haha. I already have a jpn model 3DS. Bought it and DQM 2 remake last year. I actually ended up getting a better phone and am just replaying it on that. Sucks I don't get there extra content but it's cool enough for now.
  3. I really wish to play this game as soon as possible haha. I loved the PS2 version. Once I gave it a second chance anyway. I wish they would at least say for sure yay or nay for us. If we won't be getting it, I'll import it. Even though I don't know Japanese. I'm sure I could find help online worse case. You guys maybe haha.
  4. Both versions are looking pretty nice. I can't wait to see some more detailed PS4 gameplay. Those screen shots are fantastic. I mostly look forward to playing it on my PS4. I really like the retro on the 3DS though. I loved those days. Kind of surprised they already released more screens...No complaints though!
  5. I don't even really know what I wish to say, or where to even start. There aren't very many new good JRPGs out there. When I say RPG around people in public they only know of Western RPGs. Also, some of the few JRPGs we do get are perverse beyond belief. Maybe when I was 15 that was ok. I no longer wish to see that now. Especially since they are all under age. I must say though, I love Etrian Odyssey, Dragon Quest, SMT and Tales. I of course love Final Fantasy, but I cannot form into words where I feel it sits in the RPG world.
  6. I was a fool and did not preorder. So I missed the goodies for the first time ever. Both GameStops over here only ordered one copy. They said they had to tell a few people before me "no". Good news is that it sold a bit. Bad news is it could have done better and I had to download it...
  7. Cool, cool. I was just curious as to what you guys thought. I'll most certainly be obtaining it. I hope it's good, but I won't be surprised if they mess it up. They kind of have a recent rough history. We shall see.
  8. I said maybe, but I'm not really sure. I want to play both versions on my PS4 haha. Although having it handheld would be sweet. Especially legally haha. Time will tell.
  9. Any of you guys looking forward to this game? I'm only curious. I've unfortunately been following it since the start. :/ I wonder if this or Dragon Quest XI will launch first haha. (I'm hoping this is only a joke on my behalf.)
  10. You and Yangus both!YES. I've been passing the time with Untold 1, trying (and that's a very key word) to get through the rest of the 6th stratum for the heck of it, but...that place is evil, man. Pure evil. And yet I love it. Haha, I can only do the sixth stratum on Normal. Expert was murderous and I eventually gave in.
  11. This is kind of random. Not sure if it was already spoken of or not. Is the Story Mode dungeon in Classic? I'm already on floor 4 and haven't even heard mention of it. I still have my Story Mode file from the Demo if I ever want to play through it. I would rather do it in Classic though. Oh well if not. It's not the first time haha. Thanks.
  12. Dragon Quest III iOS. Ready for EO Untold II.
  13. I hope Classic mode is improved. I was sorrowed by Untold 1. At least I get multiple files this time. So I will play Story and Classic. I have a difficult time with Story though. It's not what's drawn my to EO. Haha.
  14. Dragon Warrior Monsters. Followed by DWM 2. Then DW I NES. I haven't stopped since.
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