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  1. Each skill tree looks different depending on the character.
  2. Wow, Shenmue 1 & 2 HD finally. Figured it'd happen eventually.
  3. After reading Michi's post, it seems I grossly misinterpreted the original question. Sorry about that. I always assumed the top left was Sex Appeal or something similar. Got a few guesses for the top right, but they're like a lot of things I did in this game - guesses.
  4. Not as much. A few levels are a bit harder but 3 is overall a step down in difficulty.
  5. Wholly recommend it if you haven't by now. I often hear how DKC3 is the weakest of the trilogy, but no matter where you end up ranking it, it's still a fantastic game.
  6. Each character has just one set of panels divided up by their skill sets (i.e. Sword, Courage, Sex Appeal). Some characters' panels change over the course of the game, but they don't get an entirely new board.
  7. Jade is the only one I don't like. It fits for several reasons, but Martina just sounds better to me.
  8. http://www.siliconera.com/2018/03/30/dragon-quest-builders-2-shares-first-look-male-female-protagonists-setting/ "Square Enix shared new details on Dragon Quest Builders 2 in this week’s issue of Jump magazine with a first look at the male and female protagonists of the block-builder RPG sequel. [Thanks, @Aterufa-Iomo.] The full title of the game has been revealed as Dragon Quest Builders 2: God of Destruction Malroth and the Empty Island. Malroth is the final boss of Dragon Quest II, and if it’s anything like Dragon Quest Builders that told a “what if” story based on the very first
  9. No grottos. Smithing is a bit different from VIII or IX's alchemy, and is basically just refining the resulting item using various abilities. If you succeed, the item comes out better than expected, but failure doesn't seem to affect the base quality of the item.
  10. Switch, I'll probably have one by then. Really hoping at least some 3DS version features are on it. Although, if the PS4 version's special edition is awesome, I'd likely pick it up too.
  11. While I am happy it's getting localized at all... God ****ing **** it, SE. Business and all, I get it. But this is the one I would have liked to see the most in English. At least the localization adds some improvements. Hard mode was definitely needed.
  12. I got to work today and found two mostly empty bottles of vodka in my trash can. I'm not sure what's more upsetting - the fact that someone was bringing alcohol to work and carelessly disposing of it, or that they had one of the ingredients for a white russian and didn't share.
  13. Get hype! The original Builders was awesome and I'll Day 1 the sequel. I wish I could have it on Switch, but I'll likely not have one for a while, so PS4 it is.
  14. It's quite an excellent game and in my opinion the best DQ. Happy 30th, DQIII.
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