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  1. My wife surprised me with my own Loto Edition PS4, she did an unboxing of it here.
  2. Great! I just want too see if it's worth importing one.
  3. Has anyone done an unboxing of the DQ 2ds XL yet? I want to see what it looks like.
  4. I downloaded the day one code and it did nothing. Does anyone know how to get the recipes?
  5. Pre-Ordered the game and guide and will be getting it tomorrow.
  6. If you watch the UK Nintendo direct at 19:12 it shows DQ VIII and they say it will release in early 2017.
  7. I know my local Nintendo rep. and he's doing a demo for DQ VII & Metroid Prime Federation Force on Aug. 27 at a local Gamestop here.
  8. Mine says the same thing, It's been sitting at my local UPS facility for two days now and it still says it'll be delivered on Tuesday!
  9. Did you get the DQ III DLC costumes? Square says it on their site It's exclusive to them.
  10. It's never going to come west...We're lucky to even get Dragon Quest Heroes in the U.S. Just buy one from Japan, that's what I did.
  11. It's not an early version, this is what it says after I've been playing it.
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