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  1. OK, that part definitely is a big reason why I got bored with the game before. I guess there's always Kids Time on weekends/days off work.
  2. It's just your date/time settings in the clock for your OS... not changing anything in the language at all.
  3. Yeah, I forgot that too. But their skill caps are the same, OK. Was there any kinda big change in people's rankings/power overall for the monsters? I dunno if that makes sense really, but I mean like, is there a new "best" mage/fighter/healer monster or is it pretty much everything is the same, they're just all stronger? I downloaded the phone app again and saw that I had some casino tickets waiting for me, so I can collect those. The phone app got lots of new cool features added and then took out a lot of the in-game interaction stuff like receiving/taking your concierge rewards. It's a g
  4. OK bigger question about monster buddies/tameable monsters, and a smaller question about the sugoroku I forgot to ask before: Tameable monsters: I see they can reincarnate/level reset crazy amounts of times now (like 8 or 9, and when I last played it was only maybe 5 or 6). Are their skills still capped at 100 points in a line, or can they go over if you've expanded the skill cap? Do you have to do a quest to expand their skill caps? Has there been any big change in the power levels of various monsters? Have they ever said anything about allowing more than one monster in your party at a ti
  5. It should be something like main menu -> ãªã‹ã¾ -> ãªã‹ã¾ã‚’ã¬ã‘ã‚‹
  6. First, you want to change your OS date/time settings to Japan. That will make the config tool show up in Japanese. Do that and I can translate it for you.
  7. That all sounds pretty good. To be clear, by premade party, I meant do you want to have friends with you when you play sugoroku, or is it doable with random other people in the game, like the other casino things?
  8. OK, after looking through this topic, I have a few questions about V3: Sugoroku: Is it really challenging to fight the bosses at the end? Like, do you want to be on your best class and with a premade party? Monster pets: Did they add any new ones after the Cabinet Mimic and Dracky? How hard is the Mystery Tower? Do you need to bring low-level gear with you to complete it, or does it scale your current equipment down as well?
  9. Hi guys. It's been a veeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time since I played. Probably like, March at the latest? Anyway, just curious what big things were changed. Last time I played, they put in I think the 2.5 or 2.6 patch or something. It added easy mode for a lot of story bosses, and highlighted quests on the stamp card for version 3.0 preparation. What other big things, like new weekly/daily features, have they added to the game since?
  10. Yeah, I was thinking more like, train up Bows and the "stash shower" skill line, and kill stuff so it doesn't run dry even if it uses "stash shower" a couple times. Maybe more of a grinding thing where you would save/regen some MP on easy fights, but I could see it working. It only costs 56 total SP, I think, to get both Cherub's Arrow and "stash shower." Considering that we probably want to give it Magic Might Up (ã¾ã‚Šã‚‡ãアップ) as a bonus skill line when it gets a level reset, and maxing that out includes "skills/spells sometimes don't consume MP" it should be a really good grin
  11. Doesn't it learn the MP-restoring shot from bows, Cherub's Arrow? Also there's this skill: ãŸã‚“ã™ã®ã“ã‚„ã— which says it gives 2 MP every single time something dies, in the same line as the "stash shower" skill.
  12. Some new things about this app that are worth doing for anybody who can use it: 1st: There are some seasonal tables. You can probably still get the White Day table, not sure about the Christmas table. They're free, seat 8 monsters, and have 10 uses. Every time you feed a monster, regardless of their level, they get 5000 EXP from the table. Finding them in the lucky scratch thing also gives you 500 farm coins per monster (1000 if it's the 大当ãŸã‚Š result). Those tables aren't something you can buy, but I got the Christmas one back in January and the White Day one should last until
  13. Cool. I read about that skill but just the flavor description, which sounded hilarious (Cabinet throws stuff inside it at everything around it). Knowing the damage it does/how it does it, that's pretty cool and ties in with its other MP regeneration skills. My healslime is approaching +6 pretty soon. At like level 42 or 43 on +5. I really wish you could bring along 3 monsters instead of all AI, since I have tons of 200 loyalty monsters now.
  14. Congratulations! They must have undone the EXP nerf/scaling that hit me when I did the same thing with the Gartland (2nd Ogre area) emblem and the Thief class several months/patches ago. Nothing big for me to report today. I got Sage to level 82 doing my weekly hunt quest, played some bingo, cleared one of the 2.1 quests, and realized I have to level up Item master a lot more (and get some stronger weapons) if I want to recruit any Killer Machines.
  15. I've only been playing during kids' time for the past several weeks, but I got some good stuff today. Finally, I was able to win the lottery for the Killer Machine book! Then, with another 200+ lottery tickets remaining, I went to the first dwarf train station, Gatara, and won the 99 goldstone prize not once, but twice! And lastly, I got to +1 my cat mage, unlocked the 130 SP cap, and leveled up lots of classes to 40+ (Battlemaster, Thief, Ranger). I'm working my way towards Gigagash, Liger Rush, and Dual Breaker for those classes, and if I can pull off the 140 and 150 SP quests, I'll
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