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About Me

Before you ask, yes.  I am a transgender man (FTM, or female-to-male).  No, I don't go on Tumblr.  I got so sick of those jerks and their warped ideas of social justice, so before you write me off as a "Tumblr girl," I'm a) not on Tumblr, and b) not a girl.

I've been playing Dragon Quest for several years now.  I've played partway through every game in the Zenithian Trilogy, beat the main story in IX twice (going on three times) and dabbled in emulating the GBC games.  I have no attention span when playing on an emulator; there are all sorts of wonderful distractions.  Did I mention I have ADD?

I'm bisexual, and in a happy relationship with a man.  Don't think that'll keep me from venting on the lovely ladies of DQ, though, girls are too hot for me to go full-on gay.

So, yeah.  That's enough about me.  Happy Questing!

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