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  1. Okay make sure you have IME Installed and or activated. Now the best way to use IME is make sure that you have DQX in windowed mode cause if you have full screen you cant alt tab between the two to switch to katakan or whichever alphabet you need. If you have the romaji you can turn on writing in romaji and convert it properly with f5-7 or something.
  2. The Trial is essentially the normal game client except limited to level 20 if you do decide to grab the game you will need to redownload the client for 2.0. In the Getting started on PC thread has a good process on how to get the trial I beleive in the main page stickied part.
  3. Then I guess thats that, unless someone is willing to write a synopsis or tell it to you.
  4. Well you are free to play it. After all we all have been. I am at least willing ot help any new person set things up and play with them. The sooner you start the better especially since I doubt the menu translations will be done any time soon.
  5. Haha sorry didnt realize you were answering.
  6. I am not sure what your asking there bunk. ARe you asking for the how to use crysta to pay for sub?
  7. A few options are Buying Web Money from Play Asia (Fastest Most Expensive) Usually I have gotten the web money code ASAP but it seems to vary from person to person. I have had no problems using Play Asia. You can buy the web money there and use it to transfer it all to crysta to set up subscription to even buy the game with it from the SE Store. Previously Mentioned Rakuten You can also buy Rakuten here, there is a digital version you can buy from here. I would need to double check things. Most Credit Cards do seem to have a verification process for online. So it may be a good
  8. to be fair you never talked like you could deliver. Each post I see initially for you is asking people to do work for you. Look its great to have motivation, and being passionate about something. It would go a lot better if you yourself could do the things you ask for. Getting access to DQX is a investment and if anything you would do a lot better at the moment working towards joining the community and playing with us.
  9. Not about fitting in, just things aren't ready to go full force. I dont know how familiar you are with game translations as things take a while to get going. Until the release of the rools/game script then there will be plenty of work to be had
  10. Well the main issue is your lack of resources. You work on a library computer, you can't play te game at the moment. Your better off finding work get a chance to play the game and do your own videos and the like on your free time. Relying on other people for the bare basics is a pain. Seriously though just do what you can to get spare cash and actually enjoy the game!
  11. Right now its best to wait for the tools to be released and they will then dump the script. Until then the work is redundant. Though I stream from time to time. I am not in a position to send videos and the like atm
  12. FF14 just isnt really meant for cooperative teamwork. Its a place of competition in the wrong areas of the game. Like loot and the like. DQX has the same formula of a carrot on a stick with gear. But it maddening to get or fight over like you will get in theme park MMO's like WoW and in this case FF14. FF14 is a beauitiful game, I just wish they used those resources to revamp FF11.
  13. I been sitting here on this craptastic airport AI tryng to download the update for DQX or Version 2 I thnk. With only 1-2% boost before just stopping. Switching to a VPN has since helped me tremendously in downloading it! Hopefully I can spare a few days here or there to play!
  14. Yeah I didnt have too switch either but I thought it could help. I honestly dont see a reason why the crysta option isnt working. I assume you are pickign the crysta option. Can you screenshot with what option your picking?
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