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  1. Extra content? Sounds great, I do wish that the beginning of the game allowed the player to control Gemma and the dog Sandy. In a hard mode, I would love the challenge even right from the beginning without having allies who have infinite HP and Healing Herbs. Would love to see Gemma and Sandy both have stats and have to ability to both be leveled up some ( To a max of Level 10 perhaps as the are temporary). Perhaps some new areas in the first dungeon with more monsters. Rather than go down through the list of Temp. playable characters, I think it would be nice to have temp characters such as Vince for example as a fifth party member... there are many others that this kind of treatment could receive. While I'm really happy with the game overall, I really think these small additions would enrich the game.
  2. True, I guess the only explanation for those games is that IV V and VI are hundreds or thousands of years apart?
  3. I wonder when they made Dragon Quest IV if they knew they were writing a trilogy? I would gladly take another DQ game made the same way as 11.
  4. Yes, I have both DQ Heroes, and I'm hoping we get a third one. Keep us posted with how your project is going for sure.
  5. I applaud your efforts, I'm glad someone has taken an interest in DQ VI, it is the only game I haven't finished in the series besides X. I must say, it would be nice to see something like this attempted, it may inspire me to finish and appreciate the game.
  6. Seeing these unused characters was really cool, but it really got me thinking. The final fantasy series has done sequels and spin-offs with its entries. I kind of wonder if Dragon Quest will ever do that with its entries, for instance, maybe DQ XI may actually get a sequel (DQ XI-2)
  7. I just wanted to say thank you to the first person who answered my poll on my story.

  8. True, but I was thinking that hardly any of the DQ games feature any elves or dwarves in them. I kind of think it would be interesting to see a dragon quest that had them involved with the plot. Also one thing I think would be cool is to have the hero come from a family with a son and a daughter and depending upon who you decide to choose to play as, the story is slightly more different along with the companions you meet. Kind of like Star Ocean 2 how if you play as Rene or Claude you get different characters to join you although you encounter them all. I also think that if they ever decide to remake IV that it would be interesting to embellish the story a bit with the hero finding out they have a long lost sibling including the other choice for the hero to be available. I agree, that would be fantastic, I hope they have at least started on the concepts of XII or at least decided upon which DQ game they want to remake. If they do remake I'm thinking they may do I-II-III together as one since they are kind of relatively short compared to the others.
  9. Yeah it was purposely light on those things. They knew they had an awesome battle system and made a game of just that! Personally I would like to see the first Grandia completely remade.... we are getting awesome games remade lately. Secret of Mana remake was awesome....minus the non moving mouths...but I still liked it.
  10. YEA!!! More Cesar Art!!! Very nice!!
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