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  1. The issue i had with her was mostly she can charm the characters. Get past the charming and she'll go down easy.
  2. The reason why the mod broke was the game updated the main exe and how the mod works was that the exe was hacked in order for the game to use the music mod.
  3. not likely 3 will be here next year 2020 earliest. Its a bigger game in terms of text to translate likewise with 4.
  4. Why are you against making it accessible for people to play and enjoy even if its SP.
  5. http://www.siliconera.com/2018/10/09/dragon-quest-producer-wants-to-bring-dragon-quest-ix-to-smartphones/ Dragon Quest Producer wants to bring Dragon quest ix to Smartphones. I was wondering when they would be doing that.
  6. The problem with an online MMO is cost of translation and maintaining the number of servers required for a western release. It would need to bring a lot sales more than the franchise has ever seen for a western release. I just don't think it'll bring the numbers for it to be successful.
  7. Xseed and Marvelous Europe announced that the ps4 version of Cold steel 1 and 2 is coming out west earily 2019. https://gematsu.com/2018/10/the-legend-of-heroes-trails-of-cold-steel-i-and-ii-for-ps4-coming-west-in-early-2019 Included in the ps4 version will be the additional English voices that were added in the PC version and for the first time in the western release of the entire franchise it'll ps4 version of 1 and 2 will include the Japanese dub. PC version will get a free update for the Japanese audio. I suspect this means Xseed and Marvelous Europe will get the rights to localizes and publish sen no kiseki III and IV.
  8. i'm curious to see how DQ11 will do on pc in the long run especially after a couple steam sales. It could double the amount of sales as far as we know or triple at some point down the road.
  9. the only hting they need to do for DQ1-6 is just change it to landscape. of course i want the 3ds port of 7 and 8 for pc port
  10. majority of steam games don't pull huge mile stone numbers. 100-200k is still very good for DQ on pc.
  11. The thing is if the rest of the older games hit pc. That means a completed DQ9 with all that extra content avaiable.
  12. DQ11 was never gonna pull monster hunter like numbers. no idea why they brought it up.
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