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  1. Congrats team. I, alas, was unaware of this event until it was too late, so I was unable to attend.
  2. You need to be a bit through V2 to go there. There's a train station inside a building at F2 in
  3. @Woodus Can you pin this topic for us? Edit: Actually, scratch that. @Ashes, can you edit your "DQX etiquette" pinned thread to contain Cran's new rules from this one?
  4. Alrighty, sounds good. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know if the questions you answer in Rab's solo portion have any impact on anything other than maybe some dialogue? It's my first DQXI playthrough, so I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but hesitate to advance if I might miss something good for answering "correctly".
  6. Nice to meet you! My character name is マット, and my character ID is XE864-935. よろしくお願いします
  7. In the case of your screenshot, you need the キュピーン gesture, which is the one that makes your eyes glow. I think you can get it from the Present Ticket vendor in Orufea, or you can just have someone else show it for you like Cran said.
  8. For my main classes, I use the following: Battlemaster - Dual One-Handed Swords I have a crit-focused build, so I use two of the level 90 Falcon Swords and can out DPS Tenka Musou usually, at least the last time I checked. Mage, Druid - Two Handed Wand Not much to say here, it’s pretty standard for the classes. Magic Knight - Varies My “main” class (hard to say that anymore with how infrequently I use it lately), I tend to change weapons a lot, though the most frequently uses are: Bow - Seems to have the best DPS of the weapons for MK, and keeps me at a dist
  9. Welcome. She will need your character ID code as well in order to add you.
  10. Welcome. She will need to know your character name as well before she can add you.
  11. Thanks again for helping me fight V-Ron Strong Yawara! Now I just need to find the normal version to have all the rare entries. Since you mentioned it might show up in Battle Road, I finally got around to taking that S Rank rank-up test...lol. Haven't seen any coins yet, but I'll keep my eyes out for it.
  12. We have a few users who use it, so it is definitely real. The bottom of the Play Guide pages on Hiroba show the times (in JST): https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/public/playguide/guide_1_3_ns
  13. No worries. That will likely be fine with me, so we'll just need to confirm with Cran.
  14. That works fine. You can run as a priest or something and keep Tenshi no Mamori on to make sure we don't choke and waste the coin I believe Cran and I are both able to do it tonight if that interests you. Please let us know. Thanks!
  15. I use Rakuten when I buy Crysta. I made a guide on it a while ago, which should be linked in one of the sticky threads. In regards to a Japanese address, you can get a real one for free from Tenso.com last I checked.
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