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  1. I have nickelback stuck in my head I won't torture you by linking the particular song. Especially since i don't know the name.
  2. King Zenith, Plattym3, you were actually the people i meant when i said i recognized names Anyway, thank you all for the warm welcome
  3. Hey guys! I doubt anyone will remember me, as i was admittedly only semiactive before and, in my opinion, super obnoxious, but I was in these forums a long time ago. I went by Striffen Cloud, then switched over to Silver Fang, and had migrated from Slime Knights when it went down. Figured i'd show my face since this is always the best source for Dragon Quest news, but as i haven't been here in at least three years i couldn't get into my old account. soooo uhhh... hey! I've already seen a few usernames i recognize. It's good to be back.
  4. So, all in all, a sensible purchase then. Looks like i'm buying.
  5. I just learned there's a third game in the Rocket Slime series Normally, I'd be highly doubtful of us retrieving a spinoff game, but i remember the massive community that came to the promotional forums for Rocket Slime/Slime Mori Mori 2 As a game that holds plentiful memories for me, I'm really hoping it'll be localized, and if even half of the members of that forum had purchased it, the North American sales were probably phenomenal compared to elsewhere. What do you guys think?
  6. So, I've considered buying the DQIV port for a while now Mostly because i lost my DS copy to an accidentally destructive nephew a couple months ago and i hate replaying the NES version, but also to support DQ localizations. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sold on the idea because i've never seen a mobile port of a good game that actually controlled well. So basically, my question is How well does it play? Also: Did they get rid of those godawful accents? They're not a deal breaker, but holy $#!& are they annoying.
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