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  1. Square are the real kings of vaporware. Remember 13 "versus"? FF7 remake will become FF 16 lol Not that I hate FF, I just think the hype is too surreal. I have also noticed westerners bashing DQ whenever there's an announcement, in different languages. I think it's a real trend. Maybe with positive growth, negativity also increases, the series is getting more attention, in both ways. It annoys me because I love DQ and I think it's underappreciated. I don't want SE demoralized and stopping localizing DQ internationally. DQ and Persona are the only kind of games that I really enjoy lately.
  2. don't support companies that stand for censorship, use hardware that lets 3rd parties do whatever they want
  3. this message is so legitimate and brutally true I just feel the urge to quote it and point it out
  4. it's fair just like how historically nintendo exclusives ended up on sony platforms with special content
  5. I love how you can just change things on the fly. Undecided? Try the other soundtrack or 2D mode for a couple minutes then switch back.
  6. I can't believe they made it look this good on the switch, there is a big gap in power when going from PS4 to Switch. 2D mode seems fun for a second playthrough, but I really want to see the 3D world in it's full glory first. The tiles look a bit like DQ6. Also I think the japanese menus look better with the classic style compared to the modified western menus. They started this with DQ8 iirc. Maybe they have polled players and most people want the medieval menus, while in japan players probably want the famicom nostalgia.
  7. The gamecube lost all it's exclusives to the PS2, Killer7, RE4, even Harvest Moon, most of the ports were sold as special editions. I don't think anyone boycotted or got angry about it.
  8. This right here, people should understand that all things considered Square isn't making an antagonistic move, they're just adding some stuff to make the port more appealing. This isn't anti-consumer, like what most publishers and publications do. It's not lootboxes, it's not insulting the customers. This is just a new version with some interesting stuff added. Nintendo themselves are publishing it, they have to be very aggressive to get 3rd parties on board. Who can blame them for wanting to have something exclusive? What are they supposed to do? Just give up altogether?
  9. The nintendo direct mentioned "Local coop"! Does that mean splitscreen? or do they mean two separate switches?
  10. weird that the less powerful hardware gets to draw more characters on screen, you'd think it would be the other way around
  11. I didn't know there were new scenarios for the party members. Nice!
  12. Finally! But it says December 31! Is that normal?
  13. There has to be something as an incentive to get the switch version, or else it would be just a late port with nothing special. That's the point of making a special edition, like they did with catherine on PC, regular for the port, special for the ps4 console. I hope switch owners get something exclusive. Nintendo is just recently recovering the RPG franchises that left in the 00s. It needs something.
  14. Orchestrated Soundtrack for all of the people who wanted that, but also MIDI as an option? And 16-bit mode? Japanese voices in the USA version? Man, I'm glad I waited for this version, it's like a special edition. Very hyped right now
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