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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if you can't hear my "thank you" over the sound of how awesome you are.
  2. Do you guys know where is the option to enable the gamepad? mine stopped working after the patch ; ;
  3. I'm Pretty sure FFXI doesn't have separate data centers (they're all in Japan, JP players claimed mobs way before I've even seen them pop in the game). Again, I'm not 100% sure, haven't played FFXI in years FFXIV has different data centers, they have an EU data center, a NA one, and a JP one. But I think the data servers are in canada and japan, they are not scattered like dragon balls all over the world. I think that after the epic fail of FFXIV 1.0, they are being extremely cautious, not seeing a sure profit in this game if this was released in the west. So yeah, the best we can expect for now is that they remove the IP block...
  4. Hello guys! I have a newbie question, mostly because my DQ knowledge is very very limited. I started with a martial artist, and he can equip 3 kind of weapons (a fan, claws and a staff). Is there any significant difference in playstyle depending on the weapon you choose? Sorry for the stupid question and thanks in advance! Edit: Just finished the trial, and I fell in love with this game. I'm thinking of buying it, but then 2 more questions pop (sorry for bothering you this much when it's not even a day since I joined D: ) The all in one package: is it really all, the 1 and 2 version and whatever else, if any, content you need to buy? What method do you guys reccomend me for getting the game? amazon? Again, thank you very much for your time.
  5. Used this guide to finish the offline mode.I couldn't have done it without it. Thank you so much. I hope someone tells you everyday that you're awesome.
  6. Hello guys! I want to join the team if it's possible. (still using the trial, I hope I can join regardless) Name: Mati マティ ID: MJ973-311
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