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  1. I think the 3DS version, I haven''t found the Brave Yocchi song in the PS4 version. I have a feeling they'll re-record the suite for better final cuts.
  2. Symphonic Suite "Dragon Quest XI" Echoes of an Elusive Age Overture XI The Beginning of an Adventure ~ The Brave Conquers Bustling Cityscape ~ Calm Village at Night ~ Calm Village ~ Bustling Cityscape The Brave Triumphs ~ Hidden Village in the Mountains ~ Brave Yocchi A Majestic Royal Palace Ore! Sylvia! Sky Castle Dark Evil - Those Who Desire Destruction Flying Whale Unlucky Courage ~ Horse Racing ~ Endless Death Fight Unknown Cave ~ Ideal for Mystery A Chivalry Path in my Chest Goddess of Love The Wizard Row ~ Altar of Time ~ The Mythical Village Dark Cloisters Betting
  3. What if the Switch version has two modes: One uses DQVIII HD engine and the other uses the DQ4-6 remake engines? But always one mode displaying.
  4. I was going to rip it for my personal library to MP3... Working with professional artists I'm hesitant to post it publicly on the net. i don't know though, I may change my decision later i suppose. I understand, I work with professional artists for my own games soundtracks.. I've ordered the soundtrack myself but I can't rip the music off CD's on my computer (No CD drive). It would be so much help if I could gain access to the MP3 files. If you want, you can PM me and we can work something out?
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