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  1. I think the 3DS version, I haven''t found the Brave Yocchi song in the PS4 version. I have a feeling they'll re-record the suite for better final cuts.
  2. Symphonic Suite "Dragon Quest XI" Echoes of an Elusive Age Overture XI The Beginning of an Adventure ~ The Brave Conquers Bustling Cityscape ~ Calm Village at Night ~ Calm Village ~ Bustling Cityscape The Brave Triumphs ~ Hidden Village in the Mountains ~ Brave Yocchi A Majestic Royal Palace Ore! Sylvia! Sky Castle Dark Evil - Those Who Desire Destruction Flying Whale Unlucky Courage ~ Horse Racing ~ Endless Death Fight Unknown Cave ~ Ideal for Mystery A Chivalry Path in my Chest Goddess of Love The Wizard Row ~ Altar of Time ~ The Mythical Village Dark Cloisters Betting on Life and Death Heroes' Homecoming Echoes of an Elusive Age Download Link As of October, no official CD release has been announced.
  3. What if the Switch version has two modes: One uses DQVIII HD engine and the other uses the DQ4-6 remake engines? But always one mode displaying.
  4. I was going to rip it for my personal library to MP3... Working with professional artists I'm hesitant to post it publicly on the net. i don't know though, I may change my decision later i suppose. I understand, I work with professional artists for my own games soundtracks.. I've ordered the soundtrack myself but I can't rip the music off CD's on my computer (No CD drive). It would be so much help if I could gain access to the MP3 files. If you want, you can PM me and we can work something out?
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