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  1. I wish I could agree with the positive stock predictions. For the past few "big name" Nintendo releases, GameStop (for whom I worked, until recently) received enough to satisfy pre-orders, plus an addition copy or two, at MOST. Kirby Planet Robobot, Fire Emblem Birthright/Conquest, and Mario & Luigi: Paperjam - we rarely, if ever, had enough copies to meet demand, and had to beg, borrow, and steal from other stores in the region just so someone could purchase a single copy. For Fire Emblem, I had to turn away scores of people - kids, teen, and adults - each wanting to purchase physical
  2. In relation to DQ VIII, the Japanese PS2 version used to synth MIDI; the 3DS remake features the fully orchestrated version that the West got, as well as being fully voiced. I figure the licensing issues are likely the case, though the cart size may be a contributing factor, as well. Good point. To be fair, though, I doubt they'll do a multi-language localization for PAL games, only; far more cost efficient to do it for the entire Western market.
  3. So, in reading a few of the early hands-on reviews of DQ VII 3DS, I keep reading the same thing, about how great the MIDI soundtrack sounds. Having played the Japanese version for three years, now, I thought, "Wait...that can't be right. MIDI?" Thinking these reviewers must've been smoking their tea leaves, I went back to watch the Treehouse Live footage, and, though difficult to hear over the constant babbling of everyone talking over the damned gameplay, it seems that they have replaced the fully orchestrated soundtrack that was present in the Japanese version with yet another MIDI versio
  4. Sadly, I have to concur. As a keyholder for GameStop, I've had the opportunity to speak with our local Nintendo rep, and......"I haven't heard anything, yet, but I'll ask." Honestly, since Square-Enix isn't publishing the game(s), they will do nothing, save for try to make Final Fantasy XV look appealing to people who don't like WRPGs. As for Nintendo, the only things we've gotten from them, save for posters, in the way of marketing over the past year was for Mario Maker. At my store (here, in Morgantown, WV), I've already informed the rest of the staff and management that, whether or not
  5. Well, there are these boxes where buildings are supposed to go, and when you first step into them, a picture pops up, showing you an example of a building, but, then... So, yeah. At this point, I'm basically exploring the various continents and trying to find treasure chests. I know there are achievements, but I'm not clear on how to achieve them.
  6. So, I've completed all four chapters in Story Mode, and accomplished all five challenges on each chapter, so I've started delving into Freeplay Mode, and...I have NO idea what I'm supposed to be doing. I see that there are giant places FOR buildings, but what I'm supposed to put there is beyond me, entirely. So far, I've just tried to make all of the various crafting tables. Any hints? Forgive my ignorance, but I've never played Minecraft, and don't really know Japanese well enough to figure out what I'm supposed tob e doing, at all.
  7. Surprisingly enough, although not as text-driven as a main series game, virtually every quest, subquest, and story element involves no fewer than four or five boxes (I'd say pages, only because you have to click through to the next box) of text. Unlike the DQ VII and VIII 3DS versions, Builders' text doesn't have the Furigana text (additional characters above the main ones that are used to denote pronunciation, meaning, and usage), which makes it much easier to translate.
  8. I was still on Chapter One, when I responded. It DOES change throughout the game to various themes from the whole series.
  9. #TRUTH. Two in eleven years? MAN, Square-Enix has really let this franchise slide in favor of acquiring other companies and their "AAA" titles.
  10. To be fair, of the mainline Dragon Quest games' music, I haven't truly enjoyed one since VIII, so...nearly eleven years, now. That statement applies both to the music and the games, themselves. Aside from the 3DS VII and VIII remake and port, DQ Builders is the most fun I've had in the DQ world, in a very long time. I was time to go back to Alefgard.
  11. It's all reused from remakes of Dragon Quest games. The town themes change, based on the level, but it's otherwise all DQ I music (which is appropriate, as it's set in Alefgard).
  12. The most difficult challenges are the "Finish in [##] days." That doesn't mean 20 or 30 real-world days; it's literally 20 / 30 in-game day/night/day transitions. It can be brutal, if you get behind.
  13. Finally, I managed to figure out this stupid build: You need for the Merukido Garden: Bush x1 Grass x5 White Flower x10 Bench x1 Fire Pedestal x1 (Not the campfire; the marble pedestal with fire in it) Water Block x8 Three-Days' Grown Tree x1
  14. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to trigger the Chapter One Merikado Garden room for the last chapter challenge. Any tips?
  15. Does anyone know if it's possible, as it was in Final Fantasy X/X-II, to share save data between software versions? I have both the PS Vita and PS4 versions of the game, and haven't really done more other than grind and try to get things early. ;-)
  16. Yep! It's being designed around Loto's Seal. I wanted something that looked a bit less like a small child sleeps in my bed. Lol
  17. I do! I've had it for five years, now, and can't recommend it enough!
  18. Sorry - I was making a joke, and it was apparently more of a bon mot. At any rate, neither my artist, nor I, sell the blankets, primarily because of copyright and trademark considerations. I told him the design I wanted, and he put it together. I'm actually commissioning him to design a full bedding set for me, as well, with sheets, pillowcases, and a blanket. I did, however, give Soera the design link so he could order it for himself.
  19. I hate to be a wet blanket (pun intended), but Soera's DQ blanket is actually my design that I had commissioned and my artist and I allowed him to order. No bitterness, honestly, but I thought I should point that out.
  20. So, I made four separate posts, to get in MOST of my swag... Here we go: Links: https://twitter.com/Mjhopkins81/status/669760832872554496 https://twitter.com/Mjhopkins81/status/669760380613324800 https://twitter.com/Mjhopkins81/status/669759613080870912 https://twitter.com/Mjhopkins81/status/669758876099723264 Photos:
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