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  1. Has anyone else had trouble gaining access to all of the GameStop Exclusive DLC items in Terra Incognita? The only things I've been able to build are the small Slime Light and Healio. The King Slime Light, Slime Eyes, and Slime Smile aren't showing up, and I've 100%-ed all the Chapters. Anyone have any insight or fixes?
  2. The timed challenges were replaced with finding 200 unique items in Chapters 2-4
  3. Like I said, I still have the patterns, if you'd like to order a set for yourself. It ain't cheap, but the quality is SUPER high.
  4. Well...you see...I definitely commissioned Dragon Quest bedding - fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter, king pillowcases, and standard pillowcases. Between the artist's fees and production...they...*lowers voice to mutter* might have cost me around $1,500. The fitted sheet is light grey; the flat sheet is light blue. Yes - I still have the original designs.
  5. I think that, given the scripts for the PS4/Switch version are going to be identical, those will both be released. I would guess that the 3DS version will be released because of the Remembrances sidequest. However, I think the versions will be released simultaneously, as the Japanese Switch version is likely being concurrently worked on and localized, at the same time.
  6. It occurs to me that I have serial-killer-small handwriting...
  7. Thank you for the badge! I've toyed with adding images to my spreadsheets, but I am neither competent enough with Excel, nor willing to resize that many images. Doing the Bestiary info for Dragon Quest XI nearly broke me. No joke. Over 700 monsters? I wanted to cry. Luckily, Camus has a Zone technique that guarantees a rare drop, which exponentially sped things up, once I figured out the translation for the move.
  8. Yeah - the "cross-save" feature basically takes where you are in the game on one console and puts you in the same place on another console, but does so by making an approximation of what items, skills, and levels you might have. For example, I was working on a complete bestiary, and wound up at level 99 for all of the characters available in the first portion of the game before the mid-point
  9. I'm about 226 hours in, while trying to get every drop from every monster. Google Translate and Furigana are not good friends, in the conversational texts. And the "Single Phial" item likes to translate as "Small Tits."
  10. How does one go about submitting something to the site as a "guide," as it were?
  11. I purchased both versions of the guides for each system (the Day-One and the September 29th versions). I'm a little over 3/4 away from completing the MBoM (including drops), which is...time consuming, but then, I've never done anything the easy way. Hell, I can't even read or speak Japanese.
  12. I'm working on a full Monster Book of Monsters, as I progress through the game. I attempted to paste the spreadsheet of what I've got, thus far, here, but it was a no go. I've never really attempted to contribute any guides, or anything, so...
  13. Literally my only complaint with my Roto PS4 is the glossy front. I know it's just me, but every peripheral for it (the Liquid Gold Slime and controller) are all matte...and then, there's the top with the logo. I LOATHE fingerprints. Otherwise, I love it.
  14. You should also check out this link: https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/286418-new-2ds-xl-dragon-quest-liquid-metal-edition-more-pics As awesome as it is, I definitely won't be using this one, due to the metallic Liquid Metal Slime. It's really more for show. I'll stick with my Super Famicom 3DS XL for play.
  15. As soon as my 2DS and PS4 arrives, I'll take pictures. I avoid unboxing videos like Small Pox, after listening to my nieces watch infinitely long stretches of them on insipid people opening blind bags.
  16. Yeah; I've been hitting the "Download Bonus Item" option every day, for a week. I figured that Thursday would be their update days, like they were for DQVII, but...*rolls eyes*...getting answers out of either Nintendo or SE is like there not being a trap door behind the Iron Maiden.
  17. So...I've checked the various official Nintendo websites, and keep seeing that there is supposed to be free weekly DLC available via SpotPass until September 2017. Did they just...forget? Has anyone managed to figure out if it's gone live, or am I just missing how to get these items?
  18. So, I've been attempting to use Streetpass between my Japanese and my PAL copies of the game to no avail. Has anyone had any luck with PAL/US copies and Streetpass?
  19. Agreed on all count! Since it came out in 2013, I've LOVED playing it in 3D. It still amazes me, however, that after all this time, S-E is so fundamentally averse to using touchscreen controls in battle.
  20. Nintendo of America's print publishing arm shut down years ago, unfortunately. Now, they can't even be bothered to print up adequate press materials for their major 1st-Party games, much less a competent guidebook.
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