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  1. On 6/28/2019 at 2:53 PM, Flute_Warrior said:

    Not sure if it was in the video, but 2 things I want to add that I found is that there is a hidden cave/dungeon underneath the mountain of the builders accessible only by swimming through the south/west side of the mountain if I remember correctly. However, its locked by a gate so theres no way of getting in. That and if you level up to level 3 you unlock a sword recipe. Don't remember if it was the bronze or broadsword, and you can't access the sword recipe either in your recipe history even though you unlock it. Malroth basically states you need an anvil instead of a work table to make it but thats it. Havent figured out if there's an anvil to make it.

    @Flute_Warrior You CAN, in fact, get into that room...but, it takes considerable work, can't be accessed during the demo, and isn't really useful until way later in the game:

    It basically requires you to break through several layers of mountain and enter the dungeon through the top of a stained glass window.

    You can find more info, here.  There are a lot of cool (mostly green-shaded) materials to get, there.  I believe, from the FMV, it's the green temple where the monsters worship in the opening movie.


  2. 4 hours ago, MrMystery said:

    Chocolate Golem in your Rainbow Egg list is incorrect I believe, as you can only get that from StreetPass and the Japanese corresponds to one of the Watabou/Warubou variations. "Hell Boxle" would be better translated as "TreeBoy," as that's what it was in DWM1 and DWM2. Not too important, but I noticed that when scanning what you had.

    As a tip for filling out the item drops, as it's kind of a pain to figure those out otherwise, making the cheapest Magic Keys, checking your library for any unknown item drops you have for those monsters, then grinding to get those drops from what you find and hoping other monsters have those same drops is a somewhat efficient method of doing that. 

    Great work so far!

    Nice catches!

    In the main list, I had "Hell Boxle" down as "Tree Feller," since that's what his name was in DQ VI.

    Chocolate Golem is enemy 615, and Kagebou is 616, so I was looking at the wrong line.

    You're awesome for pointing those out to me.

  3. On 5/16/2019 at 12:53 AM, Chanticleer Hegemony said:

    So..  I was wondering if I could be of any assistance to you, mjhopkins81.

    Mainly concerning alternate names for monsters which have not yet received official translations (and those listed on the database, like baboon beast and dark robot slime, I don't think have ever been used in official English-language media).

    I did something similar to that list once, but stalled numerous times and eventually had to cease when I heard just now that you were working on it.

    Heya - sorry, for not getting back to you in a timely manner.  I’ve literally had the reply E-Mail sitting at the top of my inbox since the 16th, but between work and grinding this game (I just hit 200h, 02m and STILL have reached only 71.1% bestiary completion), it just keeps evading me.

    Once I finish up the Post-Game section, I’ll shoot you a copy of my spreadsheet that I’m using as a baseline.  Send me a PM with your E-Mail address, and once I’ve completed Mistletoe Tower, I’ll send you what I have, so far.

    I anticipate that some monsters will no longer be available, which SUUUUUCKS, because I’ve been hitting the daily key downloads and trying desperately to beat the Asian online players in the GP tournaments (to date, I’ve won only a single battle).


    Also, Platty and Woodus - I have two of the Japanese strategy guides for this game (as well as several others) that have maps detailing treasure and Other Countries’ Masters locations.  I know it’s a copyright grey area, but what is the likelihood that I could scan them and send them to you for uploading, so long as we use proper attribution?


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  4. I've got six different Japanese wikis up, right now, along with 22 Dragon's Den Monster List tabs open (at least one for each main-series game to make sure I get the name translations right), five Dragon's Den item pages up to make sure I get the right item name translations.

    I'll admit, I am the ABSOLUTE worst at capturing images for the monsters (primarily because I use Excel, and incorporating photos in that program on a Mac is like unanesthetized urethral surgery).  But, I'm willing to work with you guys on that.  🙂

    Which leads me to the next idea: we need a standalone Item Index, with the following information: 1.) Japanese name; 2.) English name; 3.) Image; 4.) Game appearance; 5.) Purchase price; 6.) Sale price; 7.) Harvest points; 8.) Drop data; 9.) Use; 10.) Alchemy recipes.

    That'll be my next contribution, perhaps.  🙂

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  5. Hello, hello!

    Once again, I'm playing through a Japanese DQ game and building a database of information about it.  This time, I'm tackling Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru & Luca's Marvelous Mysterious Key on the 3DS.  So far, the data I'm including are a comprehensive Monster List (including common and rare drops, scouting locations, breeding recipes, from which eggs they hatch, whether it must be traded, or WiFi gifts), Area-based monster lists, Egg hatching lists, Dream Egg hatching lists, the monsters owned by Other Countries' Masters, Monster Arena battle list, Mini Medal rewards, Costumes, and Scout Q challenges.

    This process is, of course, immense, as DQM2 on 3DS has 802 monsters in it; after about two weeks, I'm at 28.4% of that total (219 monsters).  Also...my Japanese is rudimentary, at best.  But, I managed to 100% DQ VII 3DS, DQ VIII 3DS, and DQ XI 3DS, so...I have faith I can complete this undertaking.

    At any rate, know that it's coming, and will hopefully be finished before DQ Builders 2 hits the shelves.

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  6. So, I have two physical copies of DQM Terry's Wonderland 3D on two separate Japanese 3DS/2DS systems and one digital copy on my main Japanese 3DS LL, and have been attempting to trade monsters/battle between the digital copy and the two physical ones.

    For whatever reason, the games don't seem to recognize each other.  I notice that the digital copy is updated to version 2.0 (via the eShop), while the physical copies only update to version 1.1 (also via the eShop). Is there something I'm missing?

  7. So, I'm not going to lie - after I finished the Bowgun Adventure minigame, I was a little annoyed at the prize: a HAPPY HAT?!  Really.  A Happy Hat.  After all that, you give me a Happy Hat.

    I mean, at least give me some Mini Medals so I can give them to the inexplicably French Medal King, Monsieur le Principal Maxime Médaillé, in exchange for items of actual value.

  8. I definitely set the Music volume down to 1 or 2 for most of the game.  The overworld "march" theme is just...mind-numbingly bad music composition (from a music comp. professional who studied it for over a decade).

    To date, VIII's orchestral soundtrack really set the standard for how JRPG (and RPGs, in general) soundtracks should sound.  It's the 21st Century, Square-Enix - it's time to get with the program and ditch the shitty MIDI nonsense.

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  9. Heya!  I'm working on updating the Dragon Quest XI Monster list that I worked on for the 3DS version, updating the list for the PS4 version.  Also, as I play through, I'm working on simultaneous lists of Mini Medal locations and Quests (with solutions).

    I'm playing my way through the game with the aim of 100%-ing it on the first run, so please bear with me as I work through it.

  10. I mean, it's sandbox mode, so it's essentially directionless.  It's where you get to build whatever you want...right after you spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy hunting down the materials to build it.  Luckily, you can reset the unlocked islands to gather more materials more quickly and easily.

    I highly suggest focusing on getting Gold, Zenithium, Mithril, and Shot Silk.  And LOTS of Stones.  And endless supply of Stones, is what I'm getting at...

  11. I Platinum-ed the game when it was in Japanese (Using the PS Vita version, because I didn't have my two-television setup, at that point), and even still, I enjoyed 100%-ing it on the Switch, this past month.  Even the Terra Incognita section, which I personally found feckless and boring at the time, was fun, this time around.

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