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  1. If we want to play a new race, do we need to create a new character? or is there an option to freely switch your current race to the new one?
  2. You can use an American Credit Card, Amazon doesn't have a problem with them (although your bank might). You do, however, have to have a Japanese address on your record. As mentioned above you can register to Tenso and then use their provided address to cover that issue (they're an export service). Even if you're buying digital you require a Japanese address.Thanks Averger and Polantaris for your advise. I will need to create a Tenso account for a JP address and try buying digital version from Amzaon again.
  3. Can anyone make a quick guide how to make a successful purchase using non-Japanese credit card via Amazon.jp? Thanks!
  4. Woww!! Daily hunting quest will give both exp and gold!! This is very awesome for a newbie like me!! Ops!!! I once was. :X
  5. Guessing you can play your account on any client but not acrossing platforms (unless your account is all-in-one type).
  6. I have heard that WideCap is not working for connection via AWS for DQX but I didn't give it a try myself.
  7. Not a big deal really. Personally, I don't know Japanese but still enjoy the game. Cutscenes will help you guess or figure out what is going on. You can look for game database in many DQX Wiki sites using transation tool. We also have many players here who know Japanese or can support you and give answers to your questions regarding the game. Don't be afraid to get online and enjoy the best Japanese MMO!
  8. Have you already completed off-line story mode?
  9. I couldn't remember exactly how much in USD for 1000 wm point but I guess seagm has lesser mark up than play-asia.
  10. Not sure for the Andriod users but for IOS, wheb you can't access to your farm, you need to update the app by changing country of your store to Japan. Then you can start updating the app.
  11. This doesn't mean rushing but anyone has seen Aeana lately? Really miss Chat monitor program which it hasn't been working for 2 months now
  12. Just want to update you guys that I can no longer pay my monthly sub via Rukuten anymore. My old credit card was expired a few days ago and I registered a new one but Rukuten rejected my payment due to non-JP card being used. I'm not sure if you guys still can pay normally or not. Only one method I have known so far is buying webmoney JP via www.seagm.com. The website accept worldwide credit card. A little mark up is there but trade off with convenience which I'm happy with it.
  13. I aslo don't know any JP at all but still can play and enjoy the game so much. If you have ever played DQ series before, should be fine. Main sourcse of guides or info are here and some DQX wiki sites (using google translate). It is playable even you can't read JP. Noted that some quests need you to type in JP to start or to end and you will need to install JP IME.
  14. Very good guide indeed! Please also post the second part of the Christmas quest if you have some free time. Thanks a lot!!
  15. Immune to abnormal status effects I guess.
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