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  1. https://discord.gg/ytCHSwq Had one for a while now, actually. Feel free to join.
  2. Mine will arrive next week (had a SutoCorp delay on my end). May give away my copy of the game in there since I don't need it... but nobody here would want that, would they?
  3. It's been on the Wii for years and the Wii U and 3DS for a while as well. Don't set yourself up for disappointment. Didn't expect it back when they first announced the NX and PS4 versions months ago, but obviously not against it happening if it does.
  4. Phanir

    DQX etiquette

    If I was given gold every time you misspelled Polantaris's name, I would never be broke in-game. We need to make this happen. I'm a broke bish.
  5. Been procrastinating on this boss since 3.2, but since he's mandatory... So weak.
  6. The language barrier doesn't help, but those menus are just a huge mess either way. Learned a lot breaking my settings for a good twenty minutes or so, though.
  7. Yeah it's under the controller settings themselves on the first tab. Should be a checkbox. Thanks, Ashes. Just to note, I had to enable more detailed settings to get to the right menu. It was the second tab for me and the box was in the bottom right. I also had to change to Xinput to keep my original configuration. The other one was trash.
  8. Is there a setting to disable DQX (PC) detecting controller inputs when it's the inactive window?
  9. Yep. No longer care for solo metal runs now. As for progression, got my Horny Hare to B rank. Should be A when Saturday's materials are up. Trying to make it the best S rank Hare it can be.
  10. Total of four peeps that aren't randoms. Doubling our member count...? Man, the rest of the players should fear us. But seriously, welcome to the team, guys, and hopefully we can all get destroyed in some runs together soon. Old man Baramos just joined my crew and he's asking to be pimped out, so... he and Hargon are fighting over stat seeds at the moment. Does anyone have a decent healer for group events at all? No luck on my end, so may change my third Dragonlord into one if RNG likes me enough. After those Crimson runs and the fact I got DL three times in a row, it's safe to say it doesn't.
  11. I made a team with Polan named "Dingle". I can change the name for something a little more tasteful instead of our inside joke from another game. We're level 2, so we're up there kicking slimes and taking... beatings from Nokturnus. The ID is "lnrknh". Mention who you are in the Team Chat if you join, please, just for reference. If there's another available with a few peeps already, I don't mind jumping ship. It was just a way for us to chat while playing at work or something and not switching back to Discord, risking the game restarting. Side note, got Crimson today. Hesitated using meat on it getting up to ~60%. Decided to just gamble on the 10% for the 200th time. Got lucky. Still up for the group one when I feel ready for it. Can't decide if I want to use my Baramos Zombie, Dragonlord, or Hargon.
  12. Assuming it does, but we still have five days left. Time to farm the crap out of stat seeds again.
  13. I managed to get 2 going through all those stages. Tried one out to see how we'd (tried with Polan) do and we got murdered pretty badly. Saving that second key for when I know I'm ready, but I'm totally up for it at some point.
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