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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! apparenty, it was a problem with something minor that failed to install on windows update. I checked and installed everything that was missing and VOILÃ, the launcher is working again! thanks for attention anyway, folks!
  2. yep, turned off and still the same thing... the config manager does not run anymore because I reinstalled the game from zero. it now says the version of the config tool is not compatible with the updated version of the game. I'm thinking in formatting my entire system. this problem started after a windows update that I had on july 15th. before this date, the game was running normally. maybe something dark and cruel happened on that windows update.
  3. the title screen appears, closes, and then nothing http://imgur.com/eV81ywq yeah, tried that too. same thing
  4. Hello everyone! Sorry if there's already a topic for this kind of problem, but I did'nt know where I could ask this. I am having a problem with the launcher on PC version. After the boot update, nothing happens! I mean, the program itself shuts down automatically with no version update. I tried to execute in compatibility mode, unistalled the antivirus program, tried a few different japanese servers via VPN, reinstalled the game a few times (I have the All-In-One box) and nothing solved this problem. And I'm pretty sure I am not blocked or something, because when I log in to DQX Hiroba, my character profile is there. Can anyone help me with this problem? I already have 3000 Crysta bought and can't play the game Sorry for bothering you all with my troubles and for my terribly bad english! Thanks for attention! EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED OH GOD I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW
  5. hello everyone, it's been a while! so, last weekend I tried to enter the game on kid's time, but after the boot update, the launcher did not appear for me. I thought it could be VPN problem, tried a few servers, by VyprVPN and SoftEther, but the launcher still does not appear for me. I even re-installed the game (i have the all-in-one package) but does not work. is anyone having the same issue after the last week update? (I saw on Hiroba, the last update was 3.0.6a). thanks for attention! (as always, sorry for my terrible english)
  6. end of vacations and back to work.... means no time for playing anymore T___T

  7. SO HAPPY TODAY! the Earthbound figures I ordered from Japan a couple of months ago finally arrived! JUST LOOK HOW AWESOME THEY ARE: http://instagram.com/p/xzcYOfqeCU/

    1. Motdrafin


      Those are so cool! I love EarthBound too!

    2. gooieooie


      Niiiiice! :D I'm a huge EB nut.

    3. massayuki


      yeah, i'm a huge fan of the game too. actually, i have the main characters tattooed on my arm since 2011 lol

  8. you know when you played like, A-LOT, and when you close your eyes sometimes and you still see some kind of flashes of the game? so this is what they call addiction, i guess!

    1. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I know the feeling!

    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I want to play RIGHT NOW, but I'm still mentally exhausted from playing for so long the past couple days, I don't think I'd actually accomplish anything.

  9. this team is the best! you guys are awesome
  10. playing DQX in slow pace, just enjoying every detail of the game, now finally got may 10th key emblem. time to to do some side quests and job evolutions

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. gooieooie


      I wish I could, too, but VPNs make, like, zero sense to me. :P

    3. Winter


      I just wish this game was single player like the other DQ games.

    4. massayuki


      yeah :/ deep down inside my mind I still wanted this game was solo too, but, hey, this game is fantastic as well!

  11. this was sooo useful! thanks for sharing this! now i can save the rest time for metal slime dungeon ticket and not spend on genkidamas
  12. what is the recommended level for this quest? i'm still lv37
  13. thanks for adding me! it's so nice finally be able to play the complete game! and the timing couldn't be the best, my working vacation started yesterday, I'm gonna play like crazy everyday haha
  14. it's all in portuguese, but if you're interested, I'm on Facebook and Twitter too, just search for Fabio Hamaya :D

  15. hi there! finally (FINALLY!!!) bought the game, I'm still lv20 rookie, but it would be very nice to be part of the team! if you guys need any help with translations, feel free to ask me (specially words with kanjis). my only problem is that I have a very bad english (I'm brazilian) I don't know if someone's already asked, but, which server the team usually play? my character's name is Fabio ファビオ ID: CH280-440 thanks a lot!
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