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  1. I have a copy of DQ8 for the ps2 thats just sitting in a box and has for years. I ripped it to my hard drive years ago for emulation. Would you be interested in it for your collection? Edit: so I found it, the box is in perfect condition, no scratches, except that the bottom clasp doesn't like to close completely, but inside it has the game and the demo for final fantasy 12 as well as the manual for that demo and the game.
  2. just out of curiosity, if i wanted to do a worst play through, what would I pick?
  3. They also commented they've never played the first 3 games. I can see from a personal perspective, these don't interest them, which is fine as a personal opinion. I think the problem is as the public face of Operation Hero, they should be more inclusive, but they sound young and I don't think they have the perspective to see that yet. I left a comment though.
  4. I think it's pretty great how many responses this has received. The average post seems to get 6 and so far this has received 105.
  5. Dragon Quest: Rune Factory Farming with combat, dungeon crawling, and crafting.
  6. I ended up rooting my tablet, it was easy to do, and now with access to the google play store I don't have nay more problems.
  7. I also responded, he seemed like he cared, but has no real power in the situation, still it's better than nothing.
  8. I totally get why the culture is the way it is, but surely you would agree this leads to a poorer product when talking about video game voice acting?
  9. I think any game can be improved by good writing and spoken word, but do I trust Japanese developers to deliver either? Not really. For the most part they are behind the curve in maturity and complexity, settling for campy anime deliveries they are really behind the times. I have read voice actors explaining the difference in voice acting in the east and west. In the east they tend to have you read the line once, with little context, and move on.
  10. I tried to go to the store page on two different mobile browsers, they both crashed. the game itself wouldn't show up in the google play store, I had to find a direct link on pc to send it to my device. They couldn't have made it harder to buy this game.
  11. I think the tension system is really great way to get around grinding, since the whole point is hitting or healing for larger amounts, you can achieve that effect without having the levels themselves.
  12. I've been playing this game for years. The game is pretty much a one man show who has other priorities, the game updates at a glacial speed. since september 2011 there has been one major update. There's a mythical expansion that's been right around the corner for years. It's a very fun game if you like retro rpg's with an mmo twist but what you see is what you get.
  13. I would like to see 1-3, just because they haven't received a mobile release.
  14. Unfortunately the results seem a little random. I decided to load the game to title screen over and over to see what i could observe about the security check. Sometimes it was every other, sometimes it was on the third attempt. I can't get consistent result, so I think the original point still stands. I would be curious to know if you had the app running in the background or if you fully quit it every time you stopped playing, if it still working through the day. This whole thing is frustrating and misleading given what the store page says about the game. on the DQ8 page it says this: The game will be validated the first time it is loaded, and at predetermined intervals afterwards, and therefore cannot be initialised while offline. Please make sure you have a data connection before running the app. Once the game is initialised however, it can be played offline (except for online features). It annoys me that DQ4 specifically says there's nothing else to download when there very specifically is.
  15. Absolutely, nothing would make me happier than to find a work around for everyone.
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