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  1. I started a new graphic novel, this time it is a web comic that will be available Tapastic And Webtoon If you liked my older work I think you might love this one. Feel free to like Sky After Sky on facebook and support it! Thank you! https://www.facebook.com/Sky-After-Sky-907835382618578/timeline/
  2. Thank you I do, it has been a project of mine for just over a year and a half. So much has changed in the story during this time and art direction that has me re-doing various aspects of the novel.
  3. For those who like my art:D My comic is in a contest on Webtoons Line, and if you want you can help me out by rating it! Thank you so much if you take the second to do it at the link listed below:) http://www.webtoons.com/challenge/episodeList?titleNo=2524 And if you have not seen any of my art, here is a tiny preview!
  4. Hope you all had a great new years and Christmas:) Here are some pics of how the art is progressing, especially scenery-wise.
  5. Thanks Akira had a big impact on how I draw, as well as Inafune. I love both the works of dragon quest style drawings and breath of fire, so I tried to blend them together with my own twist.
  6. Love the slime knight drawing xD
  7. I'm super happy you guys like it, thank you. I make more and more and upload it to the website www.gaiablocks.com every week. I actually write the story as if one day it is turned into a game so it can have awesome customization with equipment etc. That is why I invented crests and that whole part of the story One can dream^^
  8. Haha thank you:) I'm putting everything into this, I'm super passionate about it. As for the comment about the sword. I know it's a bit cliché but I love huge sword styles. The thing with this is, he will summon it, and when he does, his body and eyes will swell with blue light as well as the sword and he will be able to use it for a very short amount of time. Normally his main weapon will be the blocks on his arms and feet^^
  9. Thank you very much. I'm glad someone thinks I'm pro^^ Here's the rest of the cast:p
  10. That is some epic stuff man^^
  11. Thanks guys. Seems like a cool place:p
  12. Monster Hunter Ultimate!!! For Wii U. Or wait for the new one on 3ds coming sometime soon I think.
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